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In recent years, potatoes have become popular due to their interest in low-carbohydrate foods. Potatoes are edible tubers that are available all over the world and are available all year round. They grow relatively cheap and nutritious and can make delicious food. They are now the largest vegetable crop in the United States, consuming an average of 55 pounds or 35 kilograms of potatoes per person per year. They are important staples in many countries of the world. In order to increase the value of potatoes, many people process potatoes into chips or chips. We are a professional potato chips fryer machine manufacturer. Here I will show you how to choose quality potatoes to produce processed potato chips.

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How to choose good potatoes?

  • Choose sturdy, non-scarred, relatively smooth and round potatoes. Avoid any signs of decay, including wet or dry decay, any roots or potatoes with a green hue.
  • It is best to buy unpacked and unwashed potatoes to avoid bacterial buildup. Early cleaning of the potatoes removes the protective coating from the skin.
Do you know to storage potatoes?
  • Potatoes should be stored between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius, in a dark, dry environment such as a cellar or food room.
  • Exposure to sunlight can cause the formation of solanine, which causes the potato to turn green. It is toxic. Storing the potatoes in the refrigerator converts the starch content into sugar. This can produce an unpleasant taste.
  • Potatoes should not be stored around onions because they release the natural gas that causes the other to rot.
  • Fully grown potatoes have a shelf life of up to 2 months, but spoiled potatoes can affect other potatoes around them. Remove rotten potatoes to prevent the rest from decaying.

potato chips fryer machine
After knowing these knowledge about potatoes, you can start the potato chips production business boldly with our commercial potato chip fryer. Our potato chips fryer machine price is low,suitable for the beginning of the potato chip business.Our automatic potato chips frying machine is easy to operate,high efficiency.If you are confused where to buy potato chips fryer,choose our company will not let you down.Our potato chips fryer for sale has many advantages:

  • This commercial potato chip fryer uses mesh belt to transport food, and the mesh belt can be frequency-converted. The user can adjust the transmission speed of the mesh belt according to the difference of the fried food, and is equipped with a high-efficiency burner, which is quick in heating and high in production efficiency.
  • Set up an electric lifting system to facilitate workers to clean and maintain the body.
  • In addition, there is an automatic smoke extraction system and a constant temperature continuous production system to ensure that workers have a good working environment to avoid smoke and fire, while ensuring that the food is fried at the same temperature, so that the fried food tastes more crispy.
commercial potato chips fryer

Working Video of Potato Chips Producton Line:

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