Stainless Steel Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Raw Material: Potatoes,sweet potatoes
Capacity: 150-500 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to wash and peel potatoes.
Advantages:The machine has high peeling rate, low breakage rate and will not damage the material during peeling. Clean, hygienic, the machine capacity is big, the production efficiency is high, the operation is simple and convenient, is one kind of more ideal potato peeling equipment.

The introduction of potato washing and peeling machine:

This potato peeling machine adopts centrifugal rotation, friction peeling technology, suitable for washing and peeling potatoes,taro,sweet potatoes and other similar vegetables. Machine structure is reasonable, durable, easy to operate, high practicability, very suitable for restaurants, schools, hotels, enterprises food processing plants to use.At the same time supporting products are: potato sliceing machine, cutting machine, dehydrator, frying machine.

The feature of potato washer and peeler machine:

1. Motor internal dense gear, peeling performance is more stable, more powerful power, safe, longer service life.

2. The potato peeler machine has high peeling speed, high peeling efficiency, it is manual peeling efficiency 200 times, peel clean, and do not injure flesh.

3.  Humanized design, mechanical flat cover, ergonomic stainless steel design, anti - cutting hand, anti - dumping.

4. Stainless steel made, more durable, health and corrosion resistant.

5. Two minutes quick skin removal, save time, water and electricity.

The composition of potato wasing and peeling machine:

1. Water pipe: Flexible water pipe, can move freely, save time and water.

2. Handle :Handle design, easy to move the machine.

3. Scrub narrel: Large opening, easy access of materials into the machine.

4. Vegetable outlet: The raw material after peeling shall be unloaded from the outlet, clean and hygienic.

5. Water inlet pipe: Connect to a pipe to supply water to the machine.

6. water outlet pipe:Used sewage is discharged from here.

The method of use of commerical potato washing and peeling machine 

1. Switch on the power supply and start the switch to see whether the rotation direction of the material plate inside the cylinder is consistent with the arrow marked on the cover of the rotating cylinder, otherwise, replace any two phases in the three-phase power supply and reconnect, connect the water inlet with the tap water opening gate with a hose, and connect the hose with the sewage discharge according to the situation, put the container or directly drain the sewer.

2. When the machine is running, put the potatoes through the cover

3. Turn on the water inlet switch, pour water into the rotary cylinder, adjust the volume appropriately, press the cylinder cover tightly, and start the switch.

4. The machine works for about 2 minutes, turn off the power switch and the water inlet switch, depending on the peeling of potatoes, if the potato skin has been removed, can open the cylinder door, start the power switch, potatoes in the dialing material spiral push, automatic unloading from the cylinder door.

Technial Data
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
GG-10 0.75kw/220v 690x410x800mm 60kg 150kg/h
GG-30 1.1kw/380v 740x650x860mm 80kg 300kg/h
GG-80 1.5kw/380v 880x960x1000mm 130kg 500kg/h


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