Commercial Machine For Frying Banana Chips

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Recently, many businessmen who operate banana chips have found our company to buy banana chips fryer machine. During the conversation, our account managers learned that the problem that these businessmen generally complained about was that their previous banana chip fryer was in use. There are often some glitch in the process, and frequent maintenance is not only costly, but also delays their banana chip production business.When the banana chips they produced were not delicious enough, they realized that they really should change the machine, so they found us through the network--Henan Gelgoog Frying Machinery Company.As professional banana chips fryer machine manufacturer,our banana chips fryer machines have been sold to India, Nigeria, the United States, Canada and more than 130 countries, when you want to operate the banana chip business, choose our banana chips frying machine will certainly satisfy you.

banana chips fryer machine

Why choose our banana chips fryer machine?

Automatic stirring: ensure the evenness of fried products and prevent the products from sticking to each other due to extrusion.Products that are easy to float are stirred by slapping;Bottom - scraping stirring is used for bottom - sinking products.

Automatic temperature control: effectively control the frying time of the product to avoid the phenomenon of frying the product due to negligence.

Automatic discharge: reduce the labor intensity of workers and ensure the consistency of blowing time.Automatic deoiling: ensure the taste of the product and save the production cost.

Automatic filtration: this machine adopts oil and water mixed frying process, the residue produced in the process of frying food is automatically filtered into the water to keep the oil surface clean.

banan chips fryer

Do you know why people want to start a banana chip business?

Banana chips as a snack is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value:
1. Banana chips are dried from bananas and retain most of the nutrients in the bananas. Banana chips contain a variety of trace elements and vitamins. Among them, vitamin A can promote growth and enhance the resistance to disease, which is necessary to maintain normal fertility and vision; thiamine can resist beriberi, promote appetite, help digestion, protect the nervous system; riboflavin can promote normal growth and development.

2. Banana chips can cure high blood pressure, because it contains potassium, can balance the adverse effects of sodium, and promote cell and tissue growth, make blood pressure easier to control, and expand the capillary, blood viscosity, microcirculation improved.

The video of banana chips fryer machine:

As a professional manufacturer of banana chips frying machines, we also provide a whole banana chips production line, including banana peeler, banana slicer, frying machine,deoiling machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine, etc., any of our machines output can be customized according to the needs of customers.
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