Automatic Banana Chips Seasoning Machine|Plantain Chips Octagonal Flavoring Equipment|

Raw Material:Banana Chips,Plantain Chips
Applications: This automatic flavoring machine is mainly used to season fried snack,puffed snacks,fried nuts,pet food,etc.
Advantages:This banana chips seasoning machine can make uniform banana and plantain chips in a short time.

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Introduction of Automatic Banana Chips Seasoning Machine

This kind of banana chips seasoning machine is mainly used to flavor the banana chips with the high quality,our plantain chips flavor macine also could used in other fried food materials and used in the fried food processing line.

Application of Plantain Chips Flavor Mixing Machine

This kind of banana chips seasoning machine is applicable to all kinds of food seasoning, feeding, hanging slurry and so on. The octagonal mixing machine is used for mixing the seasoning powder or wrapping powder of the raw material in the late food processing, simple and practical structure, barrel for stainless steel octagonal design, in a relatively short period of time to be processed food materials and the necessary seasoning fully mix evenly, automatic discharge, cleaning and disinfection convenient without dead ends.

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Working Principle of  Banana Chips Seasoning Equipment

Materials fall into the drum, driven upward by stirring leaves, fall from the top, and mix with seasoning powder. During the working process, there is always seasoning in the powder box, and seasoning should be added in time if it is found insufficient.

 Features of Plantain Chips Flavoring Line

1. The machine is widely used, can be used for a variety of materials flavoring, processing materials without other input requirements.

2.The machine can evenly flavor the materials in a short time, and automatically tilt the seasoned materials out.

3.The machine is made of stainless steel, which is sanitary, simple and durable.

4.The machine is simple to operate, easy to clean, is the first choice of flavoring equipment in the food industry.

5.Smooth rotation and low noise.

Operation Steps of Plantain Chips Seasoning Machine

1.Before the boot should be done in detail to see if the fastening part of the phenomenon of loosening. Check the power cord for damage. There is no foreign matter in the barrel. Detect the use of voltage to meet the requirements.
2.The machine will be put on a smooth boot.The machine runs safely for a minute, then stops and puts in the raw material needed for mixing and seasoning. 
3.After working for a period of time, depending on the seasoning materials needed to stir venly, to meet the requirements, the machine will be closed. Push the control lever behind the machine to pull the barrel forward and pour the material out.

banana seasoning machine

Maintenance of Plantain Chips Flavoring Machine
1.When the banana chips octagonal seasoning machine running slower or powerless, please check the tightness of the triangle belt.
2.When the plantain chips seasoning machine used for some time,please check the fasteners bolts,if there is loosening,please tighten.
3.The machine bearing use for 6 months, please add new lubricating oil.

Technial Data
Model GGCY800
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg


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