Industrial Potato Chips Cutter|High Efficiency Potato Chips Cutting Machine

Raw Material: Raw Potato
Capacity: 100 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to cut potatoes into slices with adjustable sizes.
Advantages:The potato chips cut by this machine are uniform in sizes. What's more, the thickness of the chips can be adjusted. The machine is all made of high quality stainless steel, making it durable and stable.

Introduction of Automatic Potato Chips Cutting Machine:

Automatic potato chips cutting machine is designed to cut potatoes into thin slices. With advanced technology, the industrial potato cutter machine can cut potato slices with adjustable thickness, while at the same time ensure the consistent sizes of the potato slices. This machine is not only can cut potato into slice,but also suitable for  sweet potato, banana, lotus root, apple, pear, big radish, cucumber, taro, and other rhizome fruit and vegetable into slices. This machine is ideal for medium to large potato chips making lines. Thanks to years of experience, we can custom design potato chips slicer machines according to your needs. 

potato chips slicing machine

Features of Potato Slicer Machine For Business:

1.The potato chips cutting machine has a large output and high production efficiency. It can be used for mass production.

2. The potato chips cutter machine adopts reasonable design structure and is more convenient in use. In the process of use, the possibility of failure is low.

3. The potato chips slicer machine has low failure rate and long service life. Stainless steel manufacturing, production process is more safe, strictly in accordance with food production standards manufacturing.

4. The potato chips slcing machine has good slicing effect and low breakage rate. High utilization rate of finished products.

potato chips cutting machine

Operation Precautions of Automatic Potato Chips Slicing Machine:

1. Make sure the power supply is properly connected. Check whether the machine is out of order before starting the power.

2. Place the machine in a stable position.Make the operation more stable and safe.

3. Turn on the tap and put the potatoes into the machine. The machine automatically outputs the cut material.

4. Pay attention to cleaning after use to keep the machine running for a long time.
Video of Potato Slicing Machine For Sale:

Technial Data
Model GG2000
Output 1000 kg/h
Power 1.1 kw
Voltage 380v/50Hz
Dimension 1100*600*1500 mm
Weight 200 kg


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