Commercial Pork Skin Making Machine Production Line

Raw Material: Pork Skin
Capacity: 500 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to make taste pork skin automatically.
Advantages: This pork skin making machine have different capacity for choose,300 kg/h,500 kg/h,1000 kg/h. All machines are made of high quality stainless steel and can be customized according to customer's requirements.

The introduction of pork skin production line :

This fried pork skin production line is mainly used to process fried pork skin automatically. The pork skin making machine has different capacity for customer to choose,such as 300 kg/h,500 kg/h,1000 kg/h.We can customize all machines according to your requirements.The pork skin processing line is consist of pork skin cutting machine,elevator,blanching machine,dewatering machine,continuous frying machine,air drying machine and seasoning machine.The pork skin making machine is suitable for The machine is suitable for canteens, restaurants, hotels, food processing plants and so on.The pork skin processing line is the best choice for medium and large scale pork skin processing enterprises.

Work flow of pork skin processing:

Cutting--Material lifting--Blanching--Dewatering--Material lifting--Deep frying--Deoiling--Material lifting--Seasoning

pork skin processing line

Pork rinds making machines  :

1. Cutting machine: This machine is used to cut raw pork skin into small pieces evenly.The cutting speed of the machine is fast, the cutting quality is good. High molding rate.The machine is made of stainless steel and cut into even pieces with sharp edges.

2. Blanchimg machine: This machine is used to blanch raw pork skin. Pork skin after blanching, not only can play a role in addition to miscellaneous, but also can reduce the fried time, reduce the moisture content of pork skin, improve color.

3. Dewatering machine: This machine is used to remove excess water from pork skin. After dehydration, the crispy degree of the product can be increased. After dewatering, the product moisture is evenly distributed and the internal and external humidity is consistent.The machine adopts the centrifugal principle and rotates to dehydrate.

4. Deep frying machine: This machine is used to fry pork skin continuously. This machine can ensure the pork skin deep fry,even degree is high, the deep fry quality is good, adopts the advanced oil water mixing technology, prolongs the service life of the oil.

5.Deoiling machine:This machine is used to remove evcess oil from fried pork skin. The pork skin is deoiled by vibration to remove the excess oil on the surface, which makes the product taste better and extendeds the shelf life of the product.

6. Seasoning machine: This machine is used to flavor fried pork skin evenly.The machine adopts roller design, which can flavor the materials evenly while rotating.Tastes of materials can be set according to preferences.

The features of pork skin processing line:

1. This machine is designed and manufactured according to the safety, hygiene and process requirements of meat processing machinery. The frame and the parts in contact with meat are made of high quality stainless steel and non-toxic ultra-high molecular polyethylene。

2. The machine runs smoothly and has low noise when in use.Do not pollute the environment during use.

3. The electric appliance adopts waterproof switch, which has high protection level and long service life.

4. The machine has large output, high efficiency, saving oil in the production process and reducing production cost.

Technial Data
Name Dimensions Capacity Voltages Power Weight
Lifting Machine 2000*650*1300mm 1000Kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 0.75Kw 400KG
Blanching Machine 3500*1200*2400 150-200kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 120KW 800kg
Frying Machine 3500*1200*2400 150-200kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 120KW 800kg
Deoiling Machine 1100*1100*1500mm 200Kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 2.2Kw 300Kg
Seasoning Machine 1500*600*1600mm 100-300KG/H 220V-3/380V-3 1.1KW  


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