Automatic French Fries De-oiling Machine|French Fries Oil Removing Machine

Raw Material: French Fries,Fried Snacks
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Applications: This automatic french fries de-oiling is mainly used to remove the oil of fried food, like fried potato chips, peanut, banana chips, beans, cashews, bananas, onion ring and some other snacks.
Advantages: This french fries deoiling machine with shockproof system, deoiling process more stable, using centrifugal principle, digital display automatic control.The machine completely replaced the hard and tiring manual work, high efficiency, easy to operate.Mechanical production is dozens of times the artificial efficiency, the real time saving labor saving labor.

french fries deoiling machine

The Introduction of Automatic French Fries De-oiling Machine

Automatic french fries de-oiling machine is one of the important auxiliary equipment for the deep-fried food production line in the deep processing of meat and aquatic products. It can be installed on the side of the fryer and can work synchronously with the fryer. It can effectively filter out other harmful substances such as particulate impurities, carbides and other harmful substances generated during the frying process of high-temperature frying oil and improve the frying of the food. The environment suppresses the increase of acid value and peroxide value. Improve the utilization of food oil, reduce business costs, improve business efficiency and product quality.

fries oil removing machine

The Features of Automatic French Fries Oil Removing Machine

1.The high-temperature frying oil is sucked into the filter through a centrifugal pump, and the mesh belt is automatically operated. When the oil level reaches a limited position,the suction pump is started automatically, and the oil level in the filter is always in a stable position through the adjustment of the liquid level switch. The frying oil is effectively filtered out of particulate impurities, carbides and other harmful substances generated during the process of frying food,and driven by the mesh belt,it is removed at the outlet by an automatic scraper.
2.The whole machine is made of stainless steel and materials suitable for the food industry.
3.The use of imported stainless steel filter mesh belt,filtering pores to 80 microns.
4.Adopt high-efficiency circulating centrifugal pump and imported drive motor to ensure smooth work and no failure.
5.The most advanced liquid level limit switch ensures stable and safe circulation filtration and no oil spillage.
6.The most convenient and quick installation and cleaning method.All piping connections use quick connectors.
7.Symmetrical design of all piping connections can be freely installed according to site conditions.Maximize space savings.

french fries oil removing machine
The Advantages of Commercial French Fries Deoiling Equipment
1.The degreasing time can be controlled.
2.Using high-speed rotation to generate centrifugal force, quickly separate excess oil attached to the product.
3. Small size, large amount of processing, easy operation.
4. All machine stainless steel, sanitary, easy to clean.
5.When the deoiler rotates at a high speed, the product rotates with the deoiler, and the excess grease attached to the product is disengaged from the product that performs the circular motion because of the inertial motion.
6.To achieve the effect of reducing the oil content of the product. When the deoiling machine is in operation, the front and rear conveyor belts will automatically stand by. After the deoiler operation ends, it will automatically start the next batch of operations.
automatic French fries deoiling machine

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GGD-100 200Kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm


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