Corrugated Potato Chips Cutting Machine丨Crinkle-cutting Potato Chips Slicing Machine

Raw Material: Potato,Carrot,Cucumber,etc.
Capacity:200-700 kg/h
Applications: This machine can be used to cut potato, carrot,cucumber into chips with crinkles.
Advantages:The corrugated potato chips cutting machine has the advantages of durability, beautiful appearance, safe operation, high efficiency and firm structure.The thickness of the cut potato chips can be adjusted.

 Introduction of Corrugated Potato Chips Cutting Machine:

The potato chips cutter machine can be used to cut potato chips with wavy shapes. In fact, except potatoes, the vegetable cutting machine is also suitable for slicing radish, sweet potato, taro, apple, and so on. The thickness of the potato chips can be customized to suit customer requirements. This veggie slicing machine is suitable for food processing plant, catering industry, dining hall and catering distribution center, canteens and so on. 

Features of Corrugated Potato Chips Crinkle Cutting Machine:

1. This potato chips machine is a single-head bulbous cutting machine.
2. The vegetable cutter machine can cut out various specifications of sheets, strips and dices by changing the cutter head. The cutting size of any shape can be customized according to customers' needs.
3. The potato chips slicer machine is powerful, multi-purpose, saves time and effort, cutting efficiency is dozens of times of manual cutting.
4. The whole machine cutter head is made of stainless steel, which is hygienic, beautiful and durable.
5. Once the piece of equipment is started, it can be operated safely.

corrugated potato chips cutting machine
Advantages of Corrugated Potato Chips Slicer Machine:

1. It adopts independent control of frequency converter and multi-functional integrated design control panel. It can adjust the cutting knife and conveyor belt speed according to individual needs at any time. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is easy to get started in one step.
2.A multi-purpose machine can cut all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and transport them to the knife edge, cut them into pieces, cut into strips, cut into cubes, rotate the knife fast, cut fast, the blade can be replaced, and the design is thoughtful , reasonable structure.
3. The machine can be used alone or with assembly line.The machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful and easy to clean.
4.The machine belt is made of rubber, with low friction and wear resistance.Beautiful and generous appearance.Conveyor belt speed adjustable.
5. The cutter plate is easy to be changed, the track speed can be adjusted with frequency conversion, high quality and high power motor is adopted, and the cutting efficiency is high.

potato chips slicing machine

Directions for Usage 

1. Place the device on a stable ground and connect the power plug to a 220V power supply.
2. Whether the cutting machine cutter plate guard is closed or not, if not, the machine cannot start normally.
3. Press the start switch, and the machine starts to work.
4. Changing the cutter plate can realize cutting strips, slices and blocks.
5. Please turn off the power and clean up after work

Video of Corrugated Potato Chips Cutter Machine:

Technial Data
Model GG FC-312A
Dimension 600*500*900
Voltage 220
Power 1hp
Capacity 200-700kg/h
Weight 70kg


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