Automatic Potato Washing and Peeling Machine|Brush Roller Potato Cleaning Machine

Raw Material: Potato, ginger, cassava, and other root vegetables
Applications: The potato washing and peeling machine is suitable for washing and peeling potatoes and other kinds of root vegetables such as ginger, cassava,carrot and sweet potato and so on.
Advantages:Equipped with abrasive rollers and water spraying devices,the potato washing and peeling machine can wash and peel potatoes, gingers, cassava roots and other tuber vegetables with high efficiency. We can custom design industrial potato washing and peeling machines to suit your needs.

potato washing and peeling machine

 Introduction of Automatic Brush Type Potato Cleaning and Peeling Machine

The abrasive potato washing and peeling machine is designed for washing and peeling root vegetables, like potatoes, cassava roots, gingers, sweet potatoes and so on. With abrasive rollers and water spraying devices, the industrial potato washer and peeler machine can wash and peel the tuber vegetables effectively and efficiently. The brush cleaning and peeling machine is mainly composed of a motor, a speed reducer, and a 7-smooth batting. It is designed and manufactured by our company to absorb the characteristics of root, stem and fruit processing machinery at home and abroad. It adopts the brush principle and is widely applied to rounds. Shaped, oval-shaped fruits and vegetables such as ginger, jujube, carrots, hawthorn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kiwi, onions and other root vegetables cleaning and peeling.

Applications of Commercial Potato Washer and Peeler Machine

The kind of commercial potato washing and peeling machine is suitable for the peeling or polishing of potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, carrots, steamed bread, sorghum, lotus root, onions, and other vegetables. It is also suitable for fish scale removal and shellfish cleaning.
potato peeling machine
Features of Abrasive Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

The brush potato washing and peeling machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation, large cleaning and peeling capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc. Brush roller material is treated with special technology, durable, good wear resistance. The box is made of high-quality stainless steel and is not rusted and clean. Particularly suitable for all food companies, universities, cafeterias, hotels. Occupies a small area, the loss rate is small, less electricity. save time and energy. Can be customized according to customer requirements. 

automatic potato peeling machine
 Advantages of Automatic Potato Washing and Peeling Equipment

1.Advanced nylon brush wire, Seiko brush, wear-resistant, not down, can make cleaning products more clean, more shiny.
2.The machine is made of thick steel and it is sturdy and durable. Roller four support, easy to move.
3.Double-row industrial chain drive, wear resistance, greater capacity, safety and stability.
4.Pulley motor, so that equipment starts more stable, lower noise, longer life.

Technial Data
Model GG-800 GG-1200 GG-1500 GG-1800 GG-2000 GG-3000 GG-4000 GG-5000
Power 1.1kw/380v 1.5kw/380v 2.2kw/380v 2.2kw/380v 3kw/380v 4kw/380v 4kw/380v 5.5kw/380v
Dimension 1600*730*840mm 2120*840*900mm 2400*840*900mm 2550*840*900mm 2900*840*900mm 2900*1000*900mm 3050*1200*1160mm 2900*1285*1150mm
Capacity 800kg/h 1200kg/h 1500kg/h 1800kg/h 2000kg/h 3000kg/h 4000kg/h 5000kg/h
Weight 220 kg 300kg 380kg 400kg 460kg 560kg 600kg 700kg


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