Industrial Ripe Plantain Peeling Machine With Elevator

Raw Material: Ripe Plantain, Green Banana
Capacity:60-360 pcs/minute
Applications: This machine is used to peel ripe plantain in a fast speed.
Advantages:The plantain peeling machine peeled clean,peel off the banana flesh smooth without damage.The machine has large output, can be peeled per hour 1000 KG/2000 KG.

Industrial Plantain Peeling Machine Introduction:

The green banana peeling machine adopts an advanced automatic peeling method, equipped with conveyor belt for automatic feeding, fully realized automatic peeling, the output of the machine is large, is dozens of times the efficiency of manual peeling, peeling 1000 to 2000 kg per hour.The speed of the thin peel depends on the size of the banana, and the smaller the peel, the faster and more efficient it is.

This plantain skin peeling machine is suitable for any type, any size ,any curvature of the banana, there is no special requirements for the banana, green banana peel can be perfect, the machine can be used alone, can also be connected to the production line, is the ideal equipment for medium and large banana chips production enterprises, low investment, high return.

ripe banana peeling machine

The Features of Green Bnana Peeling Machine:

1. Suitable for green bananas, there is no requirement for the bending size of bananasLow waste, high yield, banana internal hygiene, no pollution。

2. Peel clean, whole flesh. Bananas of any size and shape can be peeled perfectly.

3. Automatic material output, automatic separation of skin and meat.

4. Banana peeler improves work efficiency and saves a lot of labor.

5.Machine parts are in line with international standards, conveyor chain, bearing, frame are made of 304 stainless steel。

The Video of Plantain Peeling Machine:

Technial Data
Model Voltage Power Worker Capacity
GG-60 380V/220V 0.4KW 1 60/min
GG-120 380V/220V 0.75KW 2 120pcs/min
GG-240 380V/220V 1.1KW 4 240pcs/min
GG-360 380V/220V 1.5KW 6 360pcs/min


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