Automatic Icing Peanut Sugar Coating Machine Price

Raw Material: Peanut,Beans,Fried Snack
Capacity: 10-30 kg/time
Applications: This machine is mainly used for coating products such as peanut, cocoa bean and spicy peanut.
Advantages:The peanut coating machine has the advantages of stable rotation, low noise and no pollution.The speed of the drum can be adjusted for seasoning operation. The material rotates with the drum to coat evenly.The surface of the products processed by the equipment is smooth and up to the standard of export processing.

The introduction of peanut sugar coating machine:

This peanut sugar coating machine is used for rolling, mixing and polishing spherical particle materials in food and chemical industries.The products can be processed include Japanese bean, fish skin peanut, fragrant crisp fruit, mouthful fragrance, dinosaur fragrance, shrimp crisp bean, spicy bean and so on.It can also process granular food such as almond, cashew nut and soybean. The machine has many advantages,stable operation, low noise, easy operation and high productivity.

The features of peanut sugar coating machine:

1. The rolling pot of the peanut coating machine has a tilt angle of 45 degrees, and the inner wall of the cylindrical rolling pot is smooth, which can not only be used for peanut production.Can also be used for rhombus, square material coating.

2. The equipment is equipped with stepless speed regulation device, so it can process a variety of granular food, and it is a special equipment for coating, hanging sugar and shaping of Japanese beans, Korean beans, hollow beans, fish-skin peanuts, mouthful incense and other kinds of food.

3. The tilt angle of the machine can be adjusted, and the electric furnace or gas furnace can be placed below as the heating device.Single electric blower, air outlet tube can be put into the pot to heat or cool, adjustable air volume.The heating temperature is adjustable.

4. Materials in contact with food are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and will not pollute the materials in the production process, and more in line with food export standards.

Working principle of the peanut coating machine:

The equipment is composed of rolling pot body, frame and transmission system, etc. The pot body adopts cylindrical cylinder or variable ball barrel type, which is suitable for coating operation of granular materials.The drive system reduces the speed to an easy - to - operate speed through a combination of motor and reducer.The frequency converter can adjust the speed of the pot in a certain range.Use the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rolling pot to drive the material to rotate, and drop it when it reaches the upper part of the rolling pot,apply the powder to the material with a sticky liquid.

The video of peanut sugar coating machine:

Technial Data
Name Coating Machine
Dia. Of pot 800-1200mm
Rotating Speed 28r/min
Power 0.75 kw
Capacity 10-30 kg/time
Size 1400*1200*1500 mm


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