Automatic Banana Chips Deoiling Machine|Commercial Plantain Chips Oil Removing Machine

Raw Material: Banana Chips
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Applications: This commercial banana chips deoiling machine is mainly used to removing the oil from the fried banana chips.
Advantages:The deoiling output is large and the effect is good, more efficient, quicker and faster.

oil removing machine

The Introduction of Centrifugal Banana Chips Deoiling Machine:

The automatic plantain chips deoiling  machine is a new type of equipment newly developed by our factory. The banana chips deoiling machine has advanced technology and reasonable structure. This automatic plantain chips oil removiing machine is suitable for the deoiling treatment of fried peanuts and other granular foods. The products are widely used in the automatic production line of the food industry. Deoiling clean, high production efficiency, high degree of automation.

The Working Principle of Automatic Deoiling Machine For Fried Food:

The basic working principle of the automatic plantain chips deoiling machine is to use the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the oil removal drum to disengage the oil adhering to the peanut surface. The detached oil flows through the outlet pipe on the rack to the collection tank outside the body. The deoiled peanuts are controlled by a cylinder to lift the valve in the de-oiling cage and slide from the blanking port into the cooling conveyor belt (or hopper), and then proceed to the next process.

oil removing machine

The Features of Banana Chips Deoiling Machine

1. This fried food deoiler machine is equipped with shakeproof device, it will not shake in the process of dewatering and deoiling

2: This fried food deoiler machine is equipped with automatic digital control, electromagnetic brake, easy to operate, high efficiency, high deoiling rate

3: This fried food deoiler machine is equipped with frequency & speed controller, adjust the speed of whirling basket according to your needs.

How does Food Deoiling machine work?

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GGD100 200Kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm


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