Batch Type Fryer Machine

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Batch type fryer machine is small scale frying machine that can fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and pastry. Since it has round frying pan, it is often known as round pan frying machine. And there are batches inside the frying pan, which can stir products constantly to ensure even frying results. Besides, our batch type frying machine ensure constant high oil temperature and adjustable frying time, which are essential for top final products. What’s more, due to smart design, the frying oil is effectively filtered to prolong its usage. However, due to the fact it can only fry one batch of product after another batch, the batch type frying machine is suitable small scale vegetable and fruit frying line with medium and small production capacity needs. So if you want to install small food processing lines, batch type fryer machines are preferable choices.

Working Principles of Batch Type Fryer

Constant high oil temperature, precise temperature control and time control are important for obtaining optimal final products. The equipped control system can monitor these factors precisely. As for the heating system, the batch type fryer machine can use electricity, gas and petrol. You can choose the suitable one for you. The batch type frying machine is of round shape like a huge round pan. There is filter system beneath the frying pan, which can remove the fines constantly, ensuring the purity of oil. And this can also prolong the life of frying oil. When raw materials are fed in, the batches inside can stir products constant to ensure consistent frying results. And the frying is done, the upper frying basket can be lifted up and discharge the fried products.

Model Fryer Diameter(mm) Fryer Depth(mm) Batch Power(KW) Hoist Powe(KW)r Heating Power Size(MM)
YZG1000A 1000 400 0.37 1.1 15KW 1900*1800*1770
YZG1200A 1200 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2100*2000*1770
YZG1500A 1500 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2300*2200*1770
YZE1000A 1000 400 0.37 1.1 36KW 1650*1250*1500
YZE1200A 1200 400 0.37 1.1 48KW 1850*1450*1500
YZE1500A 1500 400 0.37 1.1 60KW 2150*1750*1500

Benefits of Batch Type Frying Machine

1. Customer design. You can choose a great variety of batch type fryers from us. And we can also customer design frying lines according to your unique needs and requirements.
2. Robust design. The whole structure of the batch type frying machine is made of quality stainless steel, making it durable for long time operation.
3. Sanitary design. Except for the stainless steel build, our batch type fryers are easy to clean and maintain due to their special designs. For sanitation is vital for food processing line.
4. Superior quality. With advanced technology, the batch type frying machine allows precise temperature control, fast removal of particle fines, and quick oil changeover. All these ensure you get optimum end products.
5. Sustainable use of energy. The batch type fryer machine can use electricity, gas and petrol heating system. Whatever heating system you choose, you can reassured that the batch type fryer use oil and energy economically.
6. Great flexibility. Small as it is, the batch type fryer machine can fry a great lot of products with good results, such as variable vegetables and fruits, meat, seafood and so on.
Easy operation. It is equipped with control panel, which allows you operate and monitor the process in an easy way. 

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