Automatic Fried Food Flavoring Machine

Raw Material:Fried Food,Potato Chips,Nuts
Capacity:100-600 kg/h
Applications: The chips flavoring machine is mainly used to season fried food,potato chips,etc.The flavor drum can make sure season food evenly.
Advantages:This drum type potato chips flavoring machine is with automatic seasoning feeding and materials discharding,it can be used for mixing and spraying seasoning powders with fried food materials unifrom and fast.

The drum type continuous fried food flavoring machine is with slope angle flavoring roller, it can control the rotate speed and materials supply quantity full automatically, it’s very suitable for continuous flavoring in assembly line.This fried food chips flavoring machine can avoid the adhering materials and sediment, so as to mixing the fried food materials very uniform.

potato chips flavoring machine

Fried Food Seasoning Machine Features:

  • The machine is made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.
  • The length and diameter of the seasoning drum can be customized.
  • The tilt of the seasoning drum can be adjusted.
  • Equipped with frequency conversion controller, can adjust the rotating speed of seasoning drum.
  • The potato chips flavoring machine can be used alone or in the automatic potato chips production line.
  • Seasoning drum can be used for seasoning and mixing for potato chips, french fries, peanuts, nuts and other foods
  • Nut flavoring machine is equipped with a lift, which can feed materials automatically.
  • The remaining seasonings are finally filtered through a sieve and collected for reuse.
Flavoring Effect

comparison of manual flavoring and machine flavoring

Snack Food Flavoring Machine Working Principle:

Materials fall into the flavoring drum, driven up by stirring leaves, fall down from the top, and mix with the seasoning powder. In the process of work, there is always seasoning in the powder dispenser, and seasoning should be added in time if it is found to be insufficient.

Working Video of Chips Flavoring Machine:

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GGF-1 100-300KG/H 1.1KW 1500*600*1600mm
GGF-2 200-600KG/H 1.5KW 2000*800*1700mm


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