Commercial Fried Peanut Oil Removing Machine|Automatic Fried Groundnut Deoiling Machine

Raw Material: Fried Peanut
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Applications: The machine can remove extra oil from fried peanut and other fried food.
Advantages:Equipped with shock-proof system, the equipment will not vibrate in the deoiling process.The automatic deoiling equipment is made of stainless steel, which is safer and more sanitary.

oil removing machine
 Introduction of This Commercial Fried Peanut Deoiling Machine

The commercial peanut deoiling machine is mainly composed of a motor, a centrifugal system, a filter screen basket, a transmission system, and an electronic control device.In the process of dehydration, a shockproof system is provided. The filter screen basket does not vibrate. After the dehydration is completed, an electromagnetic brake is provided. Material damage will not occur due to equipment vibration during the entire operation process.

deoiling machine

Features of Automatic Fried Groundnut Deoiler Machine

1.Structure design of fried peanuts deoiler is reasonable, effective elimination of sanitary corners, structural components transition smooth, external structural parts, fasteners and drums are made of stainless steel, the top is clamshell type, can be on the centrifuge shell Clean thoroughly with the drum compartment space.
2. Liner hole diameter according to customer requirements for precision laser drilling smooth without burr; reasonable design of the oil outlet, timely and effective discharge of oil, water into the designated container, clean and tidy environment.

deoiling machine
Working Principle of Fried Peanut Oil Removing Machine

Frying peanuts degreasing machine is a device that adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugation and uses the high-speed rotation of the inner tube to dump the oil or vegetable water that needs to be drained, and collects it.

 Maintance of Commercial Fried Peanut Defatting Equipment

Fry peanut oil dehydration machine warranty for one year, life-long maintenance; 24 hours to receive technical advice, to provide customers with technical diagnosis; maintenance personnel received a fault notification quickly in place.

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GG-LGD100 200Kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm

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