French Fries Deoiling Machine|Automatic French Fries Oil Removing Equipment

Raw Material: Fried French Fries
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Applications: This kind of french fries deoiling machine is mainly used to remove the oil from the fried food,in order to makes the fried food have a good appearance and good taste.
Advantages:The french fries deoiling machine is equipped with shock-proof system, the equipment will not vibrate in the process of deoiling, using electromagnetic principle of centrifugal brake, digital automatic control

deoiling machine

The Introduction of French Fries Oil Removing Machine

This kind of automatic french fries oil removing machine is mainly used to remove the oil  of this fried french fries,which could protect the performance of this fried french fries,and could insure the good performance and delicious taste.

Fried food deoiler, this equipment is equipped with a shockproof system, the equipment will not vibrate during the deoiling process, use the electromagnetic principle of centrifugal brake, digital automatic control
Made of stainless steel, it is currently the most advanced frying food deoiling equipment in China. It quickly removes oil and water from the product and greatly reduces costs.
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The Usage of Commercial French Fries Deoiling Machine

This commercial french fries deoiling machine is mainly used for units or individuals who need dehydration or deoiling. Instead of bitter and tired manual work. The aircraft is highly efficient and easy to use. It is dozens of times of manual efficiency, and it really saves time and labor.

Not only can he deoil the french fries, but also suitable for many kinds of fried snacks, such as potato chips, fried peanuts, banana slices, fried chicken and so on.It has no special requirements for  deoiling materials and high deoiling power.

The Working Principle of Automatic French Fries Oil Removing Machine

The french fries deoiling machine uses centrifugal motion as its operating principle,that is, the motor drives the liner to rotate at a high speed. The water in the desiccant is subjected to centrifugal motion under high-speed rotation, and water splashes out of the liner from the outlet around the liner. Dehydration is achieved.

oil removing machine

The Structure of the Automatic French Fries Deoiling Machine
The commercial french fries deoiling machine is a rubber shock-proof type, which can avoid the foot vibration caused by the unbalanced load in the rotating drum.

The After Sale Service

1. After the equipment is installed, conduct free instruction training for the operator designated by your company so that it can master the operation method of the equipment and conduct general maintenance.
2. One-year free warranty is provided for the product from the date of acceptance of the equipment. After the warranty period expires, our company provides permanent products warranty, only charge a suitable cost, free of labor costs.
3. In order to ensure that your company's equipment achieves the best operating results, and also to save our company's maintenance costs, it is guaranteed that there will be regular professional distribution during the warranty period.technicians repair and maintain the product.
4. When the equipment fails, after receiving your company's notice, we promptly make arrangements to rush to the scene to repair and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
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Technial Data
Model Power Weight Dimension Capacity kg/time
GG-LGR400 0.75kw/380v 100kg 900*600*800mm 10-15


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