Long Plantain Slicing Machine For Plantain Chips Production Line

Raw Material:Plantain,Banana
Capacity:150-800 kg/h
Applications: The machine is used to cut plantain,banana into long slices with adjustable thickness.
Advantages:The banana and plantain chips cutter machine can be customized to cut bananas and plantains slices with different thickness. The minimum slice thickness can be 0.5mm.

The introduction of long plantain chips cutting machine:

The plantain chips cutting machine can cut 0.5-1.5mm long banana slices, and the hickness above 1.5mm can be customized.The capacity of the long plantain chips cutting machine can also be customized according to the needs of customers.The machine is fast in slicing, smooth in cutting and even in thickness.The plantain chips cutter machine is suitable for slicing various materials, such as banana, potato, ginger, carrot, etc.Suitable for canteens, hotels, restaurants, no, and other group meal enterprises and agricultural enterprises, food processing plants, etc. for cutting banana slices, potato chips.

plantain chips cutting machine

The features of banana and plantain chips cutter machine:

1. The thickness and width of the machine slicing can be customized according to the needs of customers, just set the blade to meet the specifications of the corresponding products.

2. The banana slicer machine can be used not only for slicing, but also for cutting silk, which is suitable for many kinds of different materials,such as ginger, carrots, potatoes and so on.One machine multi-purpose, practical degree is high.

3. The plantain chips cutter machine is made of stainless steel, not only beautiful appearance, easier to operate, and easy to clean.High quality stainless steel production, to ensure that the production process more safe and sanitary.

4.The cutting knife of the plantain chips cutting machine can be replaced manually, which is easy to disassemble and convenient for cleaning and maintenance. By changing the blade, it can decide whether the machine plays the role of slicing or cutting.

plantain chips cutter machine

The working principle of plantain chips slicer machine:

The materials are fed into the machine by manual feeding. After entering the plantain chips cutter machine, the materials are cut into slices with the rotation of the blade.The cutting blade of the machine rotates rapidly to cut the plantain into slices with high forming rate. The cutting specification of the machine can be adjusted by changing the blade of the machine.

plantain chips

The advantages of banana and plantain chips cutter machine:

1.  The banana slicer machine has large output, high production efficiency, in line with industrial production requirements, the output of the machine can be customized according to the needs of customers.

2. The banana slicer machine is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, good corrosion resistance, long service life, in line with the national food industry standards;

3. The plantain chips cutting machine has simple structure, sturdy and durable, easy to maintain, smooth surface of product slice, adjustable cutting thickness.

4. The plantain chips cutting machine does not need special person to operate, reduces the labor degree, reduces the labor cost.

The video of long plantain chips cutting machine:

Technial Data
Capacity 150-250kg/h 500-800kg/h
Strip Size 1-2.5mm 1-5mm
Slice size 4mm max 1-8mm
Voltage 220V Single phase 220V Single phase
Power 1/2HP 1HP
Dimension 540*400*560mm 700*500*850mm


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