Cassava Chips Fryer Machine|Yuca Chips Deep Fryer Machine

Raw Material:Cassavas
Applications: Frying cassava slices into crispy cassava chips with desirable color. Yuca chips frying machine
Advantages:With advanced technology, the cassava chips frying machine can fry cassava chips with constant high temperature, fast removal of particles and adjustable frying time.

Introduction of Cassava Chips Fryer 
Cassava chips fryer machine is used to deep fry thin cut cassava into delicious chips. Cassava chips are also known as Yuca chips, tapioca chips, manioc chips. They are popular snack foods along with french fries and potato chips, banana chips and so on. And they are part of diet culture in countries like Indonesia, India, Nigeria and so on. All these ensure the great demand of Yuca chips around the world. For frying, constant high temperature of oil and adjustable frying time are vital for obtaining premium end products. Besides, nowadays, customers are seeking tapioca chips frying machines that can not only produce high quality products, but also can use materials and energy in a sustainable way. Focused on customer needs, our yuca chips frying systems are produce top cassava chips with less use of energy. Please get your tailored solutions for cassava chips frying lines here now.

Types of Cassava Chips Frying Machines

As a professional manufacturer of cassava chips fryers, we design and manufacture various kinds of frying machines for yuca chips. In general, there are mainly three kinds of manioc chips fryers. And they can both use electricity, gas and steam heating systems. To meet your needs and requirements, we can custom design these frying lines.
Cassava chips continuous fryer. It is also known as automatic continuous frying machine, for it can work continuously for long time. As a result, it can fry a great quantities of tapioca chips with optimal quality. So it is often an integrated part of fully automatic cassava chips production line, which has large cassava chips production capacity needs.
Batch type yuca chips fryer. It is often of round shape with batches inside. When frying, the batches inside will stir the cassava chips constantly, ensuring consistent quality of end products. And the same time, the filters under the frying pan will remove particles to protect the quality of oil. When the frying finishes, the end products can be discharged automatically. Since the fryer can fry cassava chips one batch after another, it can be used for semi-automatic cassava chips making lines with medium and small capacities.
Commercial basket deep fryer machine. This is the smallest industrial fryer among the three. Manual work is greatly needed in frying cassava chips. For the frying tanks and baskets, they can range from one to four so as to improve capacity. This deep fryer is suitable for small restaurants, fast food restaurants, takeaway stores and other small cassava chips making units.

Benefits of Yuca Chips Frying Machine

1. Customized design. All the cassava chips frying machines can be custom designed in sizes, materials, heating systems, and so on to meet your needs and requirements.
2. Robust designs. All our frying machines for cassava chips are made of high quality food grade stainless steels, which can ensure great durability as well as sanitation.
3. Great flexibility. In fact, except for cassava chips, there frying machines can also be used to fry a great variety of products, like potato chips, french fries, banana chips, onion chips and other products. This flexibility allows you to change processing lines easily.
4. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Due to smart design with careful work, the cassava chips fryers are easy accessed so that they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance with less down time.
5. Good results with energy efficiency. With advanced technology, our cassava chips frying machines allow for precise temperature control, fast removal of particles, adjustable frying time. All these ensure that you get optimum end products with sustainable use of energy.

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