Frozen French Fries Production Line

Raw Material:Fresh Potatoes
Applications: Produce frozen french fries from fresh potatoes. Complete set of frozen french fries making machines can produce great capacity of frozen finger chips with easy operation.
Advantages:Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can provide turnkey solutions for your frozen french fries production line with quality machines.

Introduction of Frozen French Fries Production Line 

Frozen french fries production line is a process line to produce frozen finger chips from fresh potatoes. French fries are popular snack foods widely consumed by people all over the world. Besides, the finger chips also serve as important ingredients of various western diets. With the changes of lifestyle and popular of western food culture, demands for french fries are rising. To meet this huge demand, frozen french fries are great needed. For the frozen finger chips can be stored for longer time, and easily processed into french fries. So it is of great profits to start frozen french fries making businesses. With years of experience and knowledge, we can offer tailored solutions for your frozen finger chips line with quality maker machines. If you have any question, please constant us freely.

Frozen Finger Chips Lines Available

Suitable process line is vital for the success of your frozen finger chips making business. As a result, we custom design your frozen french fries making lines according to your needs and requirements. However, generally, there are two kinds of frozen finger chips line. One is the large scale frozen finger chips line, which can produce large capacity of frozen french fries. Besides, it is often equipped with fully automatic frozen french fries making machines. So it is also known as automatic frozen french fries plant. The second type is small scale frozen finger chips making units, which produces smaller capacities. And usually semi-automatic making machines are used in the small frozen french fries manufacturing plant. You can choose the suitable one for your frozen finger chips making business according to your needs.

Frozen French Fries Making Processes and Machines

1. Sorting and grading. When the potatoes arrive in factory, they will be sorted and graded, removing defective ones, which can ensure the quality of raw materials. This sorting and grading process can be done both manually and mechanically. For small scale frozen french fries line, experienced workers are enough. While for large scale frozen finger chips plant, special sorting and grading machines are needed. Our potato sorting and grading machines can sort and grade the potatoes according to sizes, weights, and other criteria. With smart design, our potato sorting and grading machines can do the job effectively and efficiently.
2. Washing and peeling. The selected potatoes are ready for washing and peeling. Our washer and peeler machine is one piece of machinery that integrate both washer and peeler into one. This can save you from buying extra machines. Besides, using different brushes, the potato washing and peeling machine can wash and peel potatoes effectively with less use of water and energy.
3. Cutting. The peeled potatoes will be transported to potato cutting machine, which cut the potatoes into strips. Our french fries cutter machine is of compact design, occupying less space. Besides, it can potatoes strips with regular shapes with adjustable thickness.
4. Blanching. Blanching is an important process in vegetables and fruits process line. For cut potatoes, it can remove extra starches, preserve desirable color, and eliminate potential bacteria. Our blancher machine can control water temperature and blanching time.
5. De-watering. After blanching, the potato strips are covered with extra water. To get french fries with good texture after frying, it is necessary to remove the extra water. Our dehydration machine uses vibration system, which drains off extra water by constant vibrating while do minimum damage to the products.
6. Frying. Frying is vital process in frozen french fries making line. In this process, the dried up potato strips will be deep fried for a period of time. Our french fries frying machines allow for precise oil temperature control, fast removal of particles, adjustable frying time. All these ensure you get premium final products.
7. De-oiling. Like the necessity of de-watering, defatting can remove extra oil on fried french fries. And as dewatering machine, the de-fatting machine work the same way. It can drain off extra oil from the fried french fries, preventing them from clogging together.
8. Air cooling. In this process, the hot french fries are cooled down, ready for next freezing process. Our air cooling machine uses ambient air effectively to cool down the products with no damage to the products.
9. Freezing. In frozen french fries line, this is an important process. For the french fries will be freeze to low temperature further. Our frozen french fries freezer uses quick individual freezing technology, which can freeze large quantity of french fries effectively with less use of energy.
10. Packaging.Packaging is important for it allows for easy transportation of the products, and can also prolong their shelf life. What’s more, it can also serve as promotion tool, for frozen french fries can directly sell on supermarkets for end consumers who want to fry french fries at homes.

Benefits of Frozen Finger Chips Line 

1. Tailored solutions. Thanks to years of expertise and experience, we can provide tailor made turnkey solutions for your frozen french fries making businesses. And all the french fries making machines can be custom designed various aspects to meet your needs and requirements.
2. Stand-alone machines available. Except for whole frozen finger chips production line, we can also design and manufacture individual machines for your frozen french fries line.
3. Top end results with less energy. Nowadays, customers need frozen finger chips making unit that can not only produce superior end products but also can consume less water and energy during the processing. With advanced technology, our frozen french fries making machines can realize both goals for you.
4. Robust design. All our frozen french fries making machines are made of quality food grade stainless steels, which make them durable. As a result, they can be great investments for you with long term returns.
5. Easy cleaning. Sanitation is vital for food processing. Our frozen french fries making machines are carefully designed so that they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance with less down time.
6. Easy operation. The frozen french fries making line is equipped with PLC system, which allows you to operate the whole processing line easily. 

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