Chicken Nuggets Production Line丨Fried Chicken Making Machine

Raw Material: Raw Chicken
Capacity: 500 KG/H
Applications: This chicken nuggets processing line is used to make raw chicken into taste fried chicken nuggets.
Advantages: This chicken nuggets processing line is of high degree automation, easy to operate, easy to clean.We have different capacity to choose, 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h.The output of the machine can be customized according to needs.

The Introduction of Chicken Nuggets Processing Line:

The chicken nuggets production line is mainly used to process raw chicken into taste chincken nuggets.The chicken nugget production line is composed of elevator, starching machine, continuous frying machine, deoiling machine, air drying machine and seasoning machine.All machines can be automated production, suitable for schools, restaurants, hotels, canteens and so on.Also suitable for industrial production, is the ideal equipment for chicken processing manufacturers.

Working  Process of Chicken Nuggets Making Machine :

Material lifting -- Mixing chicken nuggest with starch -- Dep frying-- Removing oil from fried chicken nuggest -- Cooling--Seasoning

chicken nuggets production line

Introduction of Machines in Chicken Nuggets Production Line:

Starching Machine: This machine is used to mix raw chicken with starch evenly.When the chicken nuggets are starched and Fried, they become more juicy and tasty, and the skin of chicken nuggets becomes crispy.

Continuous Frying Machine: This machine is used to fry chicken deeply.This frying machine has an oil circulation filtration system that continuously filters oil slag and prolongs the service life of edible oil. The mesh belt drive adopts frequency stepless speed regulation, and the frying time and temperature are controllable.

Deoiling  Machine: This machine is used to remove oil for fried food, like peanut, potato chips, chicken etc. It has larger width frame, made of full stainless steel, making machine working stable and automatic discharge from bottom. Automatic centrifugal type rotary.Automatic lifting and bottom discharging. Efficiently improve productivity. Suitable for many fried food.

Air Drying Machine: This machine is used to remove grease on the surface of chicken pieces.After the chicken pieces enter the machine through the vibrating screen, the fan of the cooler will generate air to cool the chicken pieces and remove the grease remaining on the surface of the chicken pieces.

Seasoning Machine: The machine is used to season chicken chicken to a favorite flavor.The seasoning is fixed by screw, and the advanced seasoning system ensures uniform seasoning and adjustable screw speed. The roller is fully formed without dead ends.

chin chin nuggets processing line

 Features of Chicken Nuggets Processing Line:

1. All machines are made of high quality stainless steel, during the production process no corrosion, no pollution materials, more safe.

2. The chicken nuggets production line has large output, high efficiency, the machine can be customized according to the needs of customers.

3. The chicken nugget production line is automatic, saving labor and labor costs.


Technial Data
Name Dimensions Capacity Voltages Power Weight
Lifting Machine 2000*650*1300mm 1000Kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 0.75Kw 400KG
Starching Machine 1400*550*1250 200kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 0.62kw 100KG
Frying Machine 3500*1200*2400 150-200kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 120KW 800kg
Deoiling Machine 1100*1100*1500mm 200Kg/h 220V-3/380V-3 2.2Kw 300Kg
Seasoning Machine 1500*600*1600mm 100-300KG/H 220V-3/380V-3 1.1KW  


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