Fully Automatic Prawn Cracker Making Machine|Shrimp Cracker Making Machine Price

Raw Material: Cassava starch, Wheat starch
Capacity: 300-1000 kg/h
Applications: This automatic prawn cracker making machine is mainly used to makes the prawn cracker from wheat starch with high quality and perfect appearance.
Advantages: The automatic prawn crackers making machine is automatic, can save labor, reduce the running cost of the machine.Machine output, parameters can be customized according to customer needs.Made of 304 stainless steel, easy to operate and clean, high productivity and high efficiency.

cracker making machine

The Introduction Prawn Cracker Making Machine

The fully automatic prawn cracker production line mainly uses potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch and flour as raw materials, and after being extruded and matured by a single-screw extruder, it is cut into blanks of various shapes. Through the replacement of different molds, shells, spirals, tubes, sheets, and the like can be produced with novel three-dimensional and planar shapes. After being fried and puffed, it becomes crispy, delicious and delicious snack food.

automatic prawn cracker making machine

The Features  Of Shrimp Crackers Making Machine
Whole set of prawn cracker machine is composed of mixer, extruder, shaping machine and cutting machine. It can make shrimp crackers, prawn crackers made from corn starch, shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more.
The automatic prawn cracker making machine consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system. The use of advanced screw extrusion technology, the use of high temperature and high pressure material curing and expansion molding, one-time completion. The host adopts variable frequency speed regulation to ensure the stability of the production process. Product color, variety, raw materials are widely used.

prawn cracker production line

Packaging Specification:
Outside Package:Wooden Packing as Exported Standard.
Inner Package:Strech Film
About Shipping:
We can be responsible for the shipping according to the customers's requirments,for example,shipping the machine by sea,express or air.of course,we can also accept and cooperate with your agent if you have shipping forwarder in China.
prawn crackers processing line

Technial Data
  Power Size
Mixing Machine
3.0KW 750*810*950mm
18.5KW 1850*810*1950mm
Shaping Machine 4KW 850 * 540 * 790mm
Cutting Machine 3.55KW 1050 * 610 * 750mm


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