Banana Chips Deep Fryer Manufacturer|Commercial Plantain Chips Frying Machine

Raw Material: Banana Chips
Capacity: 100-300 kg/h
Applications: Banana chips frying machine is used to makes the fresh banana into fried banana chips.
Advantages:The machine has automatic discharging system, which reduces labor intensity and production cost.The synchronous of revolution and rotation mixing way, ensures the uniformity of frying material and improves the quality of products.

banana chips frying machine

Introduction of Automatic Banana Chips Frying Machine:

This kind of stainless steel automatic banana chips fryer machine is mainly used to fry food, like peanut, potato chips, French fries etc. This automatic banana chips frying machine is made of stainless steel,has the advantages of uniform heat,fast heating speed,high efficiency of the fried stuff,safe and convenient operation,oil-water mixing equipment,saving fuel and energy,and can save energy by 40%.The appearance of fine workmanship,beautiful and durable.

Usage of Commercial Plantain Chips Frying Machine:

This kind of commercial plantain chips frying machine can be customized oil-water mixed type, pure oil type,used as breakfast fried fritters, fried noodles, deep-fried fish, fried poultry, fish, wheat noodles, French fries and vegetables, etc., is essential to make fried foods Good helper.
banana chips fryer machine

Features of Automatic Banana Chips Fryer Machine

1.The main body of automatic banana chips frying machine uses SUS304 stainless steel.
2.The synchronous of revolution and rotation mixing way, ensures the uniformity of the food Fried, in case of food stick together, because of extrusion, mixing system makes the frequency conversion.
3.Automatic discharging system, reduce the labor intensity of the workers,to ensure the consistency of the food fried in frying machine time,improve the quality of the product.
4.The machine can be made to be gas heating and electric heating. For gas heating type, it needs to add the burner and the gas pipe. Thus the cost and the size of gas model will be bigger. 

The Working Principle of Banana Chips Fryer Equipment

Material can be fed into the machine via a hoist or manually. After the material enters the machine, turn on the power button, the material is fried evenly under the rotation of the stirring blade, and the time and temperature of frying can be set.
plantain chips fryer

How does our Banana Chips Frying Machine work?

Technial Data
Model Heating Type Rated Power Capacity Overall Dimension Voltage Fry Fame Size Should the Oil
GG-1000 Electric 36kw 100-150kg/hour 1300*1400*1800mm 380v Ф1000mm 200L
GG-1200 Electric 48kw 150-200kg/hour 1400*1400*1100mm 380v Ф1200mm 350L
GG-1500 Electric 60kw 200-300kg/hour 1700*1700*1100mm 380v Ф1500mm 500L


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