Automatic Banana Chips Cutting Machine|Industrial Plantain Chips Slicing Machine

Raw Material: Banana and plantain
Capacity: 100-800 kg/h
Applications: This automatic banana and plantain chips cutting machine is mainly used to cut bananas and plantains into slices.
Advantages: The banana and plantain chips cutter machine can slice banana and plantain into thin slices with adjustable thickness.The machine has a wide range of applications, for it can also cut potato, apple, carrot, ect.

banana cutting machine
 Introduction of Automatic Banana Chips Cutting Machine

This kind of automatic banana cutting machine is mainly used for cutting during the processing of fruit and vegetables,suitable for processing potato,lotus root,apple,pear,big radish,cucumber,taro biopsy stem,root,kiwi,and fruit and vegetables.Product sliced by this cutter cutting has tidy shape,uniform thickness,yield of 99%, meet the demand of export products processing. Equipment structure is reasonable, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, is ideal equipment for food export processing enterprises, frozen vegetable processing enterprises, the supermarket hotel to process kinds of fruit, vegetables. Completely replace the bitter and tired of manual work. The machine is with high efficiency, easy to use, dozens of times compared to the efficiency of the artificial, really saving work time.

 Usage of Plantain Slicer Machine

Wide range of applications, can cut leafy and rhizome vegetables, can cut a variety of shapes, silk, tablets, D, paragraph.

banana slicer machine

Working Principle of Commercial Banana Chips Cutter Machine

When the commercial banana cutting machine is working, the knife set (cutterhead) rotates synchronously and at a high speed, and the material is put into the material mouth. During the falling process, the rotating knife group is cut into pieces, and then it falls through the material feeding mouth to complete the whole slicing process. The cut material maintains a uniform sheet shape.
plantain slicer machine

Advantages of Automatic Plantain Chips Slicing Machine

1.Rotary cutter head cutting; uniform thickness and cutting section, fresh cut tissue, no damage to the fibrous tissue of fruits and vegetables.
2.High efficiency and low energy consumption.
3.The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, safe, sanitary, beautiful, and durable.

 Operation of This Banana Slicer Machine

1.Larger materials can be processed before slicing to meet the inlet size and then sliced.
2.When feeding, the banana slicer shows that when slicing small pieces of material, hand pressing on the material is used for slicing, which can prevent the material from cutting when it is not sliced.
3.When the sticky material is sliced, water can be properly added, otherwise the sticky piece will not slide easily.
automatic banana cutting machine

Technial Data
Model GG700
Voltage 0.75kw,380v-3/220v-3
Weight 100 kg
Capacity 600-800 kg/h
Dimension 650*550*900mm


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