Banana Chips Making Business

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Like potato chips and french fries, banana chips are also popular snack foods, consumed greatly by people around the world. Besides, with the changes of lifestyle, popular of ready-made foods, banana chips have become important part of healthy diets for modern people with busy schedule. As a result, there are increasing demands for banana chips all over the world. What’s more, banana chips processing line is not very complicated. So if you want to set up your own business, banana chips making business is good opportunity. Of course, it is also of great value to expand your existing banana chips production lines. As a professional manufacturer of banana chips plant, we can offer tailor made solutions for your plantain chips processing businesses and also provide your quality banana chips making machines.

Steps for Banana Wafer Making Business

1. Do first-hand research. Researching your product and analyzing its demand is essential for the success of your business. You can also consult people who have been in this field.
2. Set your vision. After researching, you should have a clear vision about your targeted markets and consumers. What’s more, you should evaluate your investment according to your own situation. Then you should decide the scale of your banana chips processing plant.
3. Gain relevant certification. To start a food processing line, you should get relevant permissions so that your consumers can trust you. Different places need different certifications, so please consult your local business department.
4. Choose suitable location. To set up a plantain chips processing plant, you should select suitable operation location. Ideally, the location should be near your raw materials, or your targeted markets.
5. Raw materials. In plantain chips production line, except for the bananas, you also need edible oil, salt, flavors, water and other materials. To obtain optimum final products, your should ensure your raw materials are of high quality.  
6. Acquire equipment. There is no doubt that banana chips making machines are vital for your process line. And the cost of banana wafer making machines can be of a great part of whole investment. As a reliable manufacturer of banana chips plant, we offer first-class banana chips processing machines with reasonable prices.
7. Recruit Human labor. How many human labors you want is determined by your needs. If you want to use less human labor, you can simply install a fully automatic banana chips production line. While semi-automatic banana chips plant needs more human labor.
8. Do the promotion. To make you brands stand up among many competitors, you should think of unique ways to promote your banana chips.

Plantain Chips Making Process and Machines
  • 1. Sorting and grading. The first step of banana chips processing is to sort and grade bananas and remove defective ones, ensuring the quality of raw materials. Usually this process is done by human labor.
  • 2. Washing and peeling. The chosen bananas will be washed, peeled and trimmed. Banana peeling can be done both by banana peeler machines and human labors.
  • 3. Cutting. Peeled bananas are transported to banana cutting machine which will slice them into thin pieces with regular shapes.
  • 4. Dehydrating. After bananas are cut into slices, they are first soaked into water. For water can preserve the banana slices from changing colors, and also remove extra starches from them. So to gain crispy banana chips, it is necessary to dry them up before frying. Our de-watering machine uses vibration style system to drain off extra water on the banana chips with minimum damage to banana chips.
  • 5. Frying. In this process, banana slices are deep fried in constant high temperature oil for a set period of time. Our banana chips fryer machine can ensure top final products with desirable color, taste and texture. Besides, taking customers’ needs into consideration, our plantain chips frying machine can filter oil effectively and use energy in sustainable way.
  • 6. De-fatting. To remove the extra oil on the surface of banana chips, our de-oiling machine can drain off excess oil without damages to the banana chips.
  • 7. Air cooling. Our air cooling machine can cool down the hot banana chips with ambient air so that they can be handled for next processes.
  • 8.Packing. Packing the banana chips will prolong its shelf life and makes is easy for transportation. What’s more, it is also an efficient way to promote your own banana chips.
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