French Fries Oil Removing Machine Manufacture|Commercial French Fries Deoiling Machine

Raw Material: Fried French Fries
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to remove excess oil from french fries or other fried snacks.
Advantages: This french fries deoiling machine adopts centrifugal principle, deoiling time can be set according to different materials.The machine is easy to operate, equipped with shockproof device, smooth operation, low noise, no pollution.

fries deoiling machine

The Introduction of French Fries Deoiling Machine

The french fries deoiling machine produced by our company is equipped with anti-seismic system, the equipment will not produce vibration in the deoiling process, the use of centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel production, is currently the domestic advanced deoiling equipment, is widely used in deoiling fried food, not only quickly removed the oil and water stains on the product, but also greatly saved costs.

french fries oil removing machine

The Features of Automatic French Fries Oil Removing Machine

1.The automatic french fries oil removing machine is based on the principle of mechanical centrifugation.The oil is thrown out through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder and the collecting device is collected.
2.Shock safety.The clutch is started, it is easy to accelerate and prolong the service life of the motor.
3.Precision measurement, smooth operation, the speed can be selected according to the degree of deoiling, in line with the centrifugal effect. No cement machine bench and pit, free to place flat, you can feel at ease.

4. Automatic centrifugal rotary and deoiling, automatic discharging,greatly reduce labor cost.
french fries oil removing machine

Maintenance Instructions:
1. Regularly check whether the bolts of various parts of the equipment are loose, add grease regularly, and pay attention to the tension of the belt.
2. This equipment must not be charged in the static state, it is prohibited to carry out various checks in the boot state, if there is an abnormal phenomenon, the equipment should be completely stopped before the inspection and maintenance.
3. The equipment should be evenly fed at low speed (2-3 rpm) to ensure the balance of objects in the drum.

4. For the hydraulic system oil, use the viscosity of 15-68CST to clean the impurity-free hydraulic oil. It is recommended to use the N46 hydraulic oil.
5. After the first 100 hours of use of the system, the hydraulic oil should be changed and the hydraulic oil should be changed every 3000 hours.
6. Do not stack other debris around the equipment, keep it clean, and have sufficient lighting.

fries oil removing machine

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GG-LGD100 200kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm


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