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Raw Material: Potato
Capacity: 600 KG/H
Applications: This french fries cutting machine is suitable for potato or other vegetable cutting or slicing.
Advantages: The french fries cutting machine is used to cut potato into strips and slice.The thickness of cutting strips or slices can be adjusted. It is easy to operate with high efficiency of 600 kg per hour,especially for industrial use. Strips and slice are good look.

Introduction of Commercial French Fries Cutting Machine:

This machine features: The surface of the finished product after cutting is smooth, does not damage the organization, and is suitable for further processing of raw materials, such as frying. Cutting size can be adjusted within 1mm up and down, according to the long direction of food cutting, and cutting width can be used to get a different width with the gasket, cutting slices dual-use. The machine is simple in operation, large in output, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and can meet the production needs of customers.

french fries cutter

Usage of Potato Cutting Machine For French Fries:

This french fries cutting machine is suitable for potato hard vegetable cutting or slicing. This kind of french fries cuttung equipment is an ideal processing equipment for processing fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables. It is also an ideal machine for processing chips in the fast food industry.
The french fries cutting machine is suitable for fruit and vegetable processing plants, frozen food factories, wineries, Western food shops, beverage shops, tea restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, central kitchens, group meals, McDonald's, KFC, fast food restaurants, snack food manufacturing or Used by food processing plants.

Features of Potato French Fry Cutter Machine:

The french fries cutting machine adopts the feeding slot on the rotary dial to feed material: obliquely distributed knives and arc-shaped oblique blade knives for cutting. It has the advantages of good cutting surface quality, high cutting efficiency, convenient operation and low energy consumption. Parts contacted with vegetables are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, meeting the hygienic standard of food processing machinery.

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The Working Principle of Commercial French Fries Cutting Machine

When the commercial fries machine is working,the foodstuff to be processed needs to be fed into the hopper and continuously added into the centrifugal cutting drum.The motor drives the cutting drum synchronously, and the food material moves to the cutting blade along with the centrifugal action of the drum.The processed strips of ingredients are cut one by one. If it is necessary to increase or decrease the size of the strip, the pitch can be adjusted or the knife set can be changed. The fries machine simulates the principle of hand-cut vegetables using stepless speed regulation, reasonable price, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, using aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, anti-corrosion, and beautiful appearance.
automatic french fries cutting machine

The Installation and Operation Use of Potato Cutting Machine For French Fries:

1.After the machine is removed from the package, it should be placed in a stable and spacious place.
2.Check if the machine appearance is damaged due to transportation.
3.Check the machine body inlet, discharge port if there is a foreign body.
4.Confirm that the power supply is 380V.
5.Make sure that the adjustable parts of the machine table and the fixed screws are all locked.
Note: The installation and wiring of this equipment should be performed by qualified and skilled technicians.
6.Connect the power machine to start working.
7.Each amount can not be too much, must be placed in a continuous manner.
8.At this time, the object to be cut is to drive the cutting of the knife group and the knife through the rotary cutter head, and the corresponding size of the strip and the sheet can be cut out.
9.To stop processing, turn off the power.
french fries cutting machine
The Safe Usage of French Fries Cutting Machine

1.When the machine is in operation, do not put your hand into the machine.
2.After using the machine, please be sure to cut off the power in order to wash the machine.
3.Please do not put too much raw material at one time.
4.If you do not use the machine for a long time, please apply anti-rust oil after custody.
5.If any loose screws or nuts are found, immediately stop the machine and close it before operating.

1. When the machine is used each time, please be sure to turn off the power before cleaning the machine.
2. When there is any improper operation and noise, it shall be immediately stopped and inspected. Special attention shall be paid. Do not put stones or metal objects into the material inlet.
3.Must be used in a stable work environment.
automatic french fries cutter

How does our French Fries Cutting Machine work?

Technial Data
Model GG-600
Power 1.1 kw
Weight 110 kg
Voltage 380v-3/220v-3
Size 950*900*1000mm
Capacity 600 kg/h


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