French Fries Dewater Machine|French Fries Dewatering Equipment

Raw Material:French Fries
Capacity:10-15 kg/time
Applications: The french fries dewatering machine is used to remove excess water from french fries.
Advantages:The french fries dewatering machine is equipped with shockproof device, will not overshake in the process of dehydration.Equipped with automatic digital control, electromagnetic braking, the dehydration machine is easy to operate.Besides, with frequency and speed controller,the rotating speed is adjustable.

fries dewatering machine

The Introduction of French Fries Dewater Machine

The french fries dewater machine is mainly composed of a motor,a centrifugal system,a filter screen basket,a transmission system,and an electronic control device.In the process of dehydration,a shockproof system is provided.The filter screen basket does not vibrate. After the dehydration is completed, an electromagnetic brake is provided.Material damage will not occur due to equipment vibration during the entire operation process.This equipment is specially designed for the processing of fragile materials such as potato chips and fries, and has a wide range of applications. It mainly addresses the dehydration of fruits and vegetables after dehydration, and the dehydration of potato chips after blanching. It is widely used in school canteens, medium and small-sized restaurants, and food processing plant.
fries water removing machine

The Features of French Fries Dewatering Machine

The dewatering machine produced by our company is equipped with a shockproof system. The equipment in the dehydration process will not generate vibrations. Using centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brakes, digital automatic control, and stainless steel production, it is currently the domestic advanced dewatering equipment and is the first equipment for flexible packaging products. Only quickly dehydrate the product, but also greatly save the cost.
commercial fries dewatering machine

The Advantages of Automatic French Fries Dewater Equipment

1.The dewatering machine adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugation, which means that the water is thrown out through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder and the collecting device is collected.
2. Shock safety. The clutch is started, it is easy to accelerate and prolong the service life of the motor.
3.Precision measurement, smooth operation, the speed can be selected according to the dehydration, in line with the centrifugal effect. No cement machine bench and pit, free to place flat, you can feel at ease.

fries dewatering equipment

After-sale service:

1.After the equipment is installed, conduct free instruction training for the operator designated by your company so that it can master the operation method of the equipment and perform general maintenance.
2.To provide one year free warranty on the product. After the warranty period expires, our company provides permanent maintenance of the product and only charges the cost.
french fries dewater machine

Technial Data
Model GGR-400
Power 0.75kw/380v
Weight 100kg
Dimension 900*600*800mm
Capacity kg/time 10-15


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