Centrifugal Potato Chips Dewatering Machine Manufacturers In India

Raw Material:Potato Chips
Capacity:200 kg/h
Applications: The potato chips dewatering machine is used to remove water from the surface of blanched potato chips to reduce thr frying time.
Advantages:The dewatering machine adopts digital automatic controller, easy to operate.Electromagnetic braking, to ensure safety, energy - saving working state.The centrifugation principle guarantees the maximum degree of dehydration, and the dehydration efficiency is high.

We are professional dewatering machine manufacturers,our potato chips dewatering machine adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder, the water will be thrown out.It is mainly used to drain the water of fruits and vegetables after washing, which is beneficial to the next operation of the product and is more convenient and fast. After blanching, the potato chips can be dehydrated to reduce the frying time and save oil.The dewatering machine price is resonable,suitable for budding producers.

dewatering machine for sale

Features of dewatering machine philippines:

  • The dewatering machine for sale is made of stainless steel, fully enclosed, digitally controlled, and automatically electromagnetically braked.
  • There is no need to hit the pile during operation, no move, and the dewatering and deoiling rate is high.
  • The deoiling machine for sale uses a time controller to control the working time, and the dehydration time can be set freely according to the raw materials.
  • The dewatering machine has a large diameter drain port, which can quickly discharge the water in the dehydrator and improve work efficiency.
Dewatering Effect

comparison of manual dewatering and machine dewatering

Dewatering machine working principle:

Centrifugal dewatering machine uses centrifugal motion as its working principle. That is, the motor drives the inner cylinder to rotate at a high speed to remove the moisture and grease of the object to be removed under the action of centrifugal force. Achieve the purpose of dewatering.

How does potato chips produce?

Technial Data
Name Power Weight Dimension Capacity kg/time
Dewatering machine 2.2kw/380v 320kg 1200*1100*1400mm 200kg/h


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