Potato Chips Making Machine in Pakistan

time:2020-03-24  Editor:Emily

Last year, a Pakistani customer contacted us for setting up his potato chips making business. After rounds of communications, we provided a tailored turnkey solution for his potato chips manufacturing plant. According to the customer’s needs, we devised a complete automatic potato chips production line. It included potato washer and peeler, cutter, blancher machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, air drying machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine and other product handling machines. The customer was very satisfied with the solution as well as our potato chips making machines. Putting customer at the first place, we constantly improve our technology to serve customers better. If you want to start your own potato chips making business, please feel free to contact us.

Potato Chips Business in Pakistan

Potato chips are popular snack foods that are consumed widely around the world. And there is no exception for Pakistan. What’s more, potato plantation is also widely here. Except for large potato chips brands, there are still great demand in local markets in which bulk sell of potato chips are popular. In light of these, it is profitable to start a new potato chips production line. Of course, you can also expand your existing chips making businesses by automation of the potato chips making machines or simply install another potato chips line. What’s more, it is simple to set up a potato chips making business. For example, you can do research on potatoes, and your targeted markets. Then you can decide the scale of your business. Next, you can acquire relevant certification and business permission so that you can build your potato chips making factory. The following step is to buy quality chips manufacturing machines, which can work for long period of time. Automatic potato chips production line can produce large quantities of chips with great ease. From initial sorting and grading to final packaging, the fully automatic potato chips line does all the jobs effectively and efficiently. All you need to do is to make unique flavors of chips and promote your brands so that they can stand out.

Potato Chips Making Machine Price in Pakistan

Generally, there are two kinds of potato chips plant. One is fully automatic chips manufacturing line, in which all the processes are done by machines. Since the automatic process line can produce large quantities of final products, it is also known as large scale potato chips plant. The other is semi-automatic potato crispy production line. For it can produce small capacity of potato chips, it is also called small scale potato chips line. In light of the differences, semi-automatic potato chips line is often cheaper than the fully automatic ones. When it comes to exact prices of potato chips making machines, it may largely depend on the production capacity per hour. What’s more, we actually custom design potato chips making machines according to your specific needs and requirements. So the prices can vary for different solutions for your potato chips plants. One thing for certain is that we never comprise quality merely for the money’s sake. And our potato chips making machines so enjoy competitive prices, for all of them are designed and engineered in our own factory, which can save you from third party fees.
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