Automatic Centrifugal Banana Chips Deoiling Machine Price

Raw Material:Banana Chips, Fried Food
Applications: This automatic banana chips deoiling machine is mainly used to remove excess oil from fried food.
Advantages: The centrifugal banana chips deoiling machine deoiling rate is high,equipped with shock absorber,smooth operation.The rotation speed can be selected according to the deoiled material,clutch actuation,acceleration is easy,extend the service life of the motor.

The centrifugal deoiling machine is mainly used for removing the surface oil from fried foods, making it beautiful, tastes good, easy to store, easy to pack, saves oil, etc. The food after deoiling is not easy to be broken, which is  advantageous to the product next step operation to be quicker.
banana chips deoiling machine

Centrifugal Banana Chips Deoiling Machine Features:

  • Using the centrifugal principle, can achieve the maximum degree of oil removing.
  • Equipped with shockproof system, more stable in deoiling process, the machine will not swing.
  • Deoiling capacity is big,deoiling effect is good, can use alone, also can equip production line to use.
  • Electromagnetic automatic brake, digital display automatic control, deoiling time can be set on the timer according to the material.
  • Instead of hard and tired manual work, high efficiency, easy to use.Is dozens of times the artificial efficiency, time-saving andlabor-saving .
Seasoning Effect
deoiled banana chips

Banana Chips Deoiling Machine Working Principle:

The deoiling machine works on the principle of centrifugal type, that is, the motor drives the inner tank to rotate at a high speed, and the oil in the deoiled material is centrifugally moved under high-speed rotation, and the oil splashes out of the inner tank from the surrounding holes of the inner shell to reach the deoil purpose.

Fried Food Deoiling Machine Working video:


Technial Data
Name Power Weight Dimension Capacity kg/time
Deoiling Machine 2.2kw/380v 320kg 1200*1100*1400mm 200kg/h


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