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Raw Material: Fried food,Snack
Capacity: 30kg/time
Applications: This machine is used to season for fried food,snacks.
Advantages:The rotation speed and inclination angle of the chyips seasoning machine can be adjusted, and the amount of powder can be controlled. The mixture is even, the operation is convenient, and the output is high.

Introduction of Chips Sseasoning Machine:

Octagonal chips seasoning machine structure is simple and practical, mainly used for food production of late seasoning powder mix or raw material coating,powder coating and special for mixed seasoning , the barrel body is stainless steel octagonal design, to avoid the ball mixing barrel raw materials do not turn, and the disadvantages of mixing unevenly .The fried food seasoning machine can make the food material to be processed and the seasoning to be needed to mix well in a short time, and automatically send the food material out of the barrel.To achieve the purpose of automatic mixing, automatic discharge,and clean disinfection convenient without dead angle.

fried food seasoning machine

Features of Chips Fried Food Seasoning Machine:

1.  The seasoning barrel of octagonal  chips seasoning machine is designed with octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantage of non-rolling raw materials of round drum seasoning machine.Seasoning machine can achieve automatic mixing function, easy to operate.

2. The seasoning barrel of octagonal chips seasoning machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which will not pollute the food in the production process, making the food production simpler and safer.

3. Fried food seasoning machine is widely used: it is used for seasoning of all kinds of Fried and non-fried video, evenly hanging all kinds of powder and syrup.This chips seasoning machine is sanitary and easy to clean.

4. The seasoning machine for snacks adopts reducer motor and gear rotation, so that Fried food is not broken and will be stirred automatically.Mixing evenly, easy to operate, high output.The rotation speed and tilt angle of the seasoning bucket can be adjusted, and the amount of powder can be controlled.

5. You can season and mix any food frequently by using the chips seasoning machine.It is the most advanced seasoning equipment for fried food.No special requirement for material shape.

automatic fried food seasoning machine

Operation guide of Seasoning Machine for Snacks:

1. Before starting the machine, make a detailed inspection to see whether the fastening part is loose.Check the power cord for damage.There is no foreign body in the barrel, and the test voltage meets the requirements.

2. After the machine is turned on smoothly, the machine will operate safely for one minute, stop the machine, and then put in the raw materials needed for mixing seasoning.

3. After working for a period of time, according to the required ingredients, mix evenly, and close the machine after reaching the requirements.Push the control lever at the back of the machine to pull the material barrel forward and pour out the material.

Common troubleshooting

1. When the machine is slow or weak, please check the tightness of the triangle belt.
2. After the machine has been in use for a period of time, please check the bolts of each fastener and tighten them if there is any looseness.
3. The bearing of this machine is required to use new lubricating oil after six months.
4.The machine must be grounded

How does our Chips Seasoning Machine work?

Technial Data
Name Seasoning Machine
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg


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