Automatic French Fries Plant in Iraq

time:2020-03-20  Editor:Emily

French fries are popular snack foods and are widely consumed by people all over the world. So more and more shrewd people are getting foray into the french fries making businesses. And there is no exception for our customer in Iraq. Recently, we just successfully delivered a complete set of fully automatic french fries production line for him. A few months ago, the customer contacted our dedicated workers, expressing his vision to set up a french fries production line. Focused on customer needs, our dedicated and professional workers devised a customized turnkey solution for his finger chips line. And to our great delight, the customer was satisfied with the solution as well as our services. In the following manufacturing stage, we informed the customer of detailed information. And finally we successfully delivered the fully automatic french fries production line project on time. And the customer put it into operation as soon as it arrived. All along, the feedback of the french fries manufacturing plant is positive.
Finger Chips Production Process

When the potatoes arrive in factory, the potatoes are sorted and graded, eliminating the defective ones and ensuring the quality of raw materials. And this process can be done both mechanically and manually. Then the selected potatoes will be washed and peeled. Although washing and peeling is a simple process, it can impact the quality of final products. And then the washed and peeled potatoes will be transferred to cutting stage, in which the potatoes are cut into potato strips with regular shapes. Since the cut potatoes are enriched with starches, it is necessary to go through blanching process. For blanching can remove extra starches, preserve desirable colors, and eliminate potential bacteria. And to get crispy french fries after frying, the potato strip should be dried up for they are covered with water after blanching. Then there comes the important frying stage. The potato strips are deep fried with edible oil for a period of time. Then the potato french fries are de-fatted for there is extra oil on the surface of fried french fries. And then the hot potato strips are cooled down so that they can be handled in following processes, like flavoring and packing. In flavoring process, flavors are added to plain french fries so that french fries are delicious. The final process is packaging, in which french fries are packed in packing materials.

French Fries Making Machines

In fully automatic french fries production line, it consists of a series of french fries making machines. And the machines are correspond to french fries making processes. The sorting and grading machine can sort and grade quality potatoes for processing.
  • Our potato sorting and grading machine can sort and grade potatoes according to your requirements, whether the sizes or the weights.
  • Then our potato washer and peeler machine can wash and peel the potatoes in one machine. Our potato washing and peeling machine is equipped with rollers which are covered with nylon or other harder materials. The friction of rollers and potatoes can wash and peel effectively. Besides, the spraying water can wash off foreign materials and peels.
  • De-watering machine. Our dehydrator machine can drain off extra water by vibrating, which can remove extra water with limited damage to the products.
  • Frying machine. Our french fries fryer machine can ensure top final results. For the finger chips frying machines allow for precise temperature control, adjustable frying time, and fast removal of particle fines. With advanced technology, our french fries frying line can help you get optimum end results with sustainable use of energy.
  • De-fatting machine. After frying, the surface of french fry is covered with extra oil, so it is necessary to remove the extra oil, preventing them from clogging together.
  • Air cooling machine. This machine can cool down the hot french fries efficiently with adjustable mesh belts and air blower.
  • Flavoring machine. Smartly designed, our flavoring machine can spread flavors evenly on the french fries.
  • Packaging machine. Packing is the final stage of french fries production line. But it is vital in prolonging the produce shelf life and in promoting your brands. With advanced technology, our french fries packaging machine can do the packing with great accuracy and efficiency.
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