Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine|Root Vegetable Washer and Peeler

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As the name implies, industrial vegetable washing machine is often used for vegetables and fruits processing lines. And the commercial washer machines can usually clean and wash a great variety of vegetables and fruits with large quantities. In fruit and vegetable manufacturing lines, washing is often the initial stage. Although it is not complicated, it is vital for the success of whole processing plant. Thanks to years of experience in food processing machines, we provide premium vegetable and fruit washer machines for your product washing lines. And we customized our commercial washer machines according to your needs and requirements.

Model  Roller Net Length(mm) Roller Length(mm) Roller Diameter(mm) Motor Power(kw) Sprial Power(kw) Size(mm)
SX800A 945 800 120 1.1 / 1500*850*900
SX1000A 1145 1000 120 1.1 / 1700*850*900
SX1200A 1345 1200 120 1.5 / 1900*850*900
SX1500A 1645 1500 120 2.2 / 2200*850*900
SX2000C 2145 2000 120 3 0.37 2700*850*1500
SX2600C 2745 2600 120 4 0.37 3300*850*1500

Types of Vegetable and Fruits Washers

For there are so many different kinds of vegetables and fruits, and they often come with different shapes and textures. So it is important to design and engineer commercial washers in line with the characteristics of vegetables and fruits. Generally, there are brush type washer for root vegetables and bubble type or spiral type washing machines for leafy vegetables and other delicate fruits.

Industrial Washer for Root Vegetables

This commercial vegetables washer is designed to wash root vegetables and some fruits, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, gingers, apples and so on. Since these root vegetables often have hard surfaces, we design and manufacture special industrial washing machine: brush type vegetable and fruit washing machine. This type washer is equipped with several rollers, which are often covered with nylon brushes. Fed into the washing chamber, the root vegetables will make friction with the brushes. At the same time, installed spraying devices will spray water over the products. As a result, root vegetables and fruits can be washed cleanly with minimum damage to their surfaces.

Leafy vegetable Washing Machine

Leafy vegetables and some fruits like strawberries are so delicate that they can not be washed by friction. As a result, we provide special commercial washers for them. One is bubble type vegetable washer machine. It is equipped with bubble generator and spraying device. The action and force of water bubble make contact with the surfaces of leafy vegetables and delicate fruits. While at the same time, the rinsing system will spray water on the vegetables and fruits. Together the cut vegetables and fruits, leafy vegetables and other delicate fruits can be washed cleanly and gently. Another type of leafy vegetable washer is spiral washing machine. It is equipped with device which can generate swirling water, and also rinsing system. In this vegetable washing line, the products are washed and carried all by water flow, which can do no damage to your leafy vegetables and fruits. As a reliable vegetable washing machine manufacturer, we strive to provide your the best suited machines for your vegetables and fruits processing lines. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Model  Belt Width(mm) Transfer Power(kw) Water Pump(kw) Air Pump(mm) Hand Gear Power(kw) Size(MM)
GG2500 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 0.55 2725×1504×1329
GG3000 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 0.55 3225×1504×1329
GG3500 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 0.55 3725×1504×1329
GG4000 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 0.55 4225×1504×1329
GG5000 800 1.5 1.5 4 0.55 5225×1504×1329
GG6000 800 1.5 1.5 4 0.55 6225×1504×1329

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables Washer Machine

1. Customized designs. All of our vegetables washing machines are be tailor made in size, power, material, and configurations to meet your needs.
2. Great versatility. Our vegetables and fruits washer machines can be used to wash a great variety of vegetables and fruits cleanly and gently. This makes them great investments, for you can easily change from one product to another without further purchase of extra machines.
3. Robust design. Our fruits and vegetables washing machines are all built with quality food grade stainless steels, which make them very durable for long time operation.  
4. Good results. We constantly improve our technology to realize good cleaning with sustainable use of water and energy.
5. Easy installation and set-up. Our vegetables and fruits washer machines can of compact design, occupying less space. What’s more, they are easy to move around for their wheels. And their main parts are often pre-installed, so it takes little time to set them up.
6.Competitive prices. All our vegetables and fruits washer machines are designed and manufactured in our own factory. This can save you from third party fees. 

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