Automatic Continuous Frying Machine

time:2020-06-28  Editor:Emily

Automatic continuous frying machine is commercial fryer used for frying various vegetables and fruits. To name a few, the continuous fryer can be applied to fry potato chips, french fries, banana chips, onion rings, and other fried snack foods. As the industrial fryer can work continuously, it is suitable for automatic vegetable and fruit processing plant, which have great production capacity. Precise oil temperature and frying time is essential for obtaining optimum end products. Besides, customers nowadays pursue not only top final products but also sustainable use of oil and energy. With advanced technology, our automatic continuous frying machine allow for precise temperature control, time control, and quick removal fines. And we make customized designs for our continuous frying machines so that they can meet your needs and requirements.

Types of Continuous Frying Machine

According to heating methods, our continuous fryer machine can use gas, electricity, petrol heating systems. So you can suitable heating systems to meet your needs. Besides, when it comes the production capacities, our continuous fryer machine come with different sizes so as to meet your capacity requirements. What’s more, there are also continuous vacuum frying machines available. No matter what kind of continuous fryers you want, we only provide your the best suitable one with robust design. And all of our continuous fryer machines commercial can be customized in sizes, materials, and other configurations to suit your needs.
Benefits of Automatic Continuous Fryer

1. Great versatility. Our continuous fryer can be used to fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits, meat and pastry. This great versatility makes the fryer great investment, for you can fry many kinds of foods according to your needs.
2. Robust design. Our continuous fryer machines are built with quality food grade stainless steel, which makes them durable for long term operation.
3. Sanitary design. Except for the stainless steel build, our automatic continuous fryers are specially designed so that they can be easily cleaned and maintained. For sanitation is vital for food processing lines.
4. Good result. To meet this urgent need, our automatic continuous frying machines are specially designed. So that you can control temperature and frying time precisely.
Economic use of energy. Obtaining top final frying products is not enough, for it should also reduce energy use during the processing. Our continuous frying machine allows for fast removal of fine, ensuring the good quality and economic use of oil. 


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