Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line|Commercial Potato Chips Processing Line

Raw Material: Raw Potato
Capacity: 70-300 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to process raw potatoes into taste french fries.
Advantages:This semi automatic potato chips production line is mainly used to make the potato chips with high quality.The whole line material is 304 stainless steel, fully in line with the food machinery health standards, large capacity, less manpower, less waste, easy operation and maintenance.

potato chips production line

The Introduction of Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

This kind of potato chips prodyction line is mainly used to make small scale potato chips with the fresh potato.Our potato chips production line also could adjusted to make the banana chips and french fries etc.

commercial potato chips machine

The Introduction of Commercial Potato Chips Processing Line

1. Cleaning and Peeling Machine: cleaning and peeling process at one time,  high efficient and low consumption.
2. Potato Slicing Machine : cut into strip,flake and julienne shape, adjustable cutting size
3. Blanching Machine: do rinsing and color protection of the cut potato chips.
4. Dehydrator: centrifugal dehydration, reduce the time when drying, and improve the taste of the potato chip.
5. Fryer: keeps the potato chips quality and taste.
6. De-oiling Machine: use the centrifugal, overcome the shortcoming of botheration.
7. Flavor Machine: make the potato chips turning even, use the spray type to add the seasoning, not easy to break.
potato chips processing line

The Features of Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line
1.Multi-functional: Our potato chips processing line can be adjusted to produce banana chips.  And the thickness of the potato chips produced by the production line can be adjusted by different demands.
2.Low energy consumption: All of the machines in the production line consume less energy, because the production line can match each machine according to the customer's production demand.
3.Low investment: The small scale potato chips production line price is suitable and the maintenance costs of the machine are low in the later period.
4.We are the professional potato chips production line manufacturer from China, so we can promise the quality of the machine.
potato chips making line

Technial Data
Name Motor Dimensions Capacity
Cleaning and Peeling machine
1.5kw  380V-3/220V-3
Potato Slicing Machine
1.1kw   380V-3/220V-3
Blanching Machine
24kw    380V-3/220V-3
Centrifugal dehydrator
1.5kw      380V-3/220V-3
36kw     380V-3/220V-3
Centrifugal de-oiling machine
1.5kw    380V-3/220V-3
Flavoring machine
1.1kw     380V-3/220V-3

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