Potato Chips Oil Removing Machine|Commercial Potato Chips De-oiling Machine

Raw Material:potato chips,french fries,fried food
Applications: This machine is used to remove excess oil from potato chipss.
Advantages:The deoiling machine adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugation, which rotates through the inner cylinder at high speed and throws out oil.Automatic bottom discharge.The potato chips taste better when they are de-oiled.

deoiling machine

The Introduction of Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

Oil-removing machine also known as water dump oil machine, centrifugal dehydration oil separator, is the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through the high-speed rotation of the barrel, water, oil, and the collection of equipment. Mainly used in fruits and vegetables, such as water after the drain and fried food fried after frying the surface oil, the next step in favor of products faster and faster. Dehydration oil removal machine, all stainless steel manufacturing, fully closed, digital control, automatic electromagnetic braking. Operation without hitting the ground pile, no sports car, dehydration high oil removal rate.

This fried food deoiling machine is widely used in dewaterand deoiling vegetables and fruits.Such as spinach, mushrooms, kelp and other vegetables and fruits;Can also remove oil for fry food, fry potato chip, French fries, etc.This machine adopts the principle of centrifugal force to dehydrate and deoiling fried food.The machine is equipped with shock-proof device, which will not shake in the process of dewatering and removing oil.The deoiling machine is a necessary equipment for frying food, which can help to deoiling Fried food efficiently.

This kind of commercial potato chips deoiling machine is mainly used to remove the oil from the potato chips with the high quality.This potato chips deoiling machine also could used in the fried food processing line which could help you a lot.

oil removing machine

Features of Centrifugal Potati Chips Deoiling Machine:
1. The whole machine is made of SS304 material with quality assurance.
2. Centrifugal deoiling device can remove the excess oil on the product surface and recollect the oil.
3. Automatic centrifugal rotary deoiling, automatic oil discharge.
4. The machine has the function of automatically loading and unloading oil.
5. The machine is equipped with a timer, which can set the deoiling time as required.
6. The machine can be fully connected with frying pan and flavoring machine.
7. Automatic unloading at the bottom, more automatic.
potato chips oil removing machine

Directions for using Potato Chips Oil Removing Machine:
1. Regularly check the equipment parts of the bolts are loose, regular filling grease, pay attention to the degree of tension belt.
2. This equipment shall not be in the static state of feeding, prohibit in the boot state to carry out the inspection, if there is abnormal phenomenon, should be completely stopped after the equipment, before the inspection and maintenance.
3. The equipment should be in Low-speed operation (2-3 rpm), uniform feeding, to ensure that the oil cylinder balance.
4. Hydraulic system oil, the use of viscosity for 15-68cst clean and no impurities in the hydraulic oil, the proposed N46 hydraulic oil.
5. The system uses one 100 hours later, should replace the hydraulic oil, after each 3,000 hour replacement hydraulic oil.

6. The equipment can not be stacked around the other sundries, should be kept clean and adequate lighting.
oil removing machine

The video of Potato Chips Deoiling Machine:

Technial Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
GGD-100 200Kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm


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