Semi-Automatic Banana Chips Production Line|Fresh Plantain Chips Snacks Production Line Manufacturer

Raw Material: Plantain,Banana
Capacity: 300-1000 kg/h
Applications: This banana chips processing line is mainly used to process plantain chips from green banana or plantain with the semi-automation.
Advantages: This banana chips processing line provide different output.Configuration, power and parameters are determined by the needs of customers.The production line is semi automated.

banana chips production line

The Introduction of Plantain Chips Production Line

Our semi-automatic banana chips production line is mainly used to makes the banana chips with the high quality,the capacity is 30-1000kg/h,we also support customized according to customer's demand.

banana chips processing line

The Features of Commercial Plantain Chips Processing Line

All machines in this plantain chips production line are made of stainless steel 304. For this banana chips production line, the thickness of banana chips is adjustable. 
The Working Processing of Semi-Automatic Banana Chips Production Line

Banana cutting machine--banana blanching machine--banana dewater machine--banana frying machine--deoiling machine--flavoring machine

1.Plantain Chips Cutting Machine: this machine is new designed and developped, it is special used to slice plantain to be slice. The thickness of finished plantain chips is adjustable. Made of stainless steel 304. 
2.Blanching Machine and Frying Machine: The blanching machine is with electric heating system, if you need we also can make it to be Gas Heating System, add the burner and the gas pipe is ok. 
For the fryer machine, it is with gas heating system. We also can make it to be electric heating system. 
All these machines are made of Stainless steel. 
3.For De-watering machine and De-oiling Machine: they are with bucket in side. And there are many holes on the bucket. The hole size can be customized according to your demand. All of them are made of Stainless steel 304.  Bcs plantain chips will be on the bucket when working, it will no damage to the plantain chips. 
banana chips processing line

About Our Company

As banana chips processing equipment manufacturer, Zhengzhou Gelgoog machinery co., LTD has strong strength and rich experience in this area. Since our company continuously forge ahead, at present our company production of potato chips fries complete sets of equipment have been sold at home and abroad, and received wide acclaim from users. In addition, our company also has a large number of experienced, skilled after-sales personnel, who can provide professional services for you. 

banana chips making machine

Technial Data
Item Parameter
Plantain Chips Cutting Machine(2sets)
Weight: 100kg,
Size: 650*550*900mm
Blanching Machine(2sets)
Size:  2200*700*900mm
Capacity: 500kg/h
De-watering Machine
Size: 1200*700*900mm
Gas Fryer Machine
Weight: 780kg, 2000*2000*1700mm,
De-oiling Machine
Power: 2.2kw/380v-3/220v-3   
Weight: 480kg
Size: 1200*700*900mm
Capacity: 800kg/h
Seasoning Machine
Power: 1.5kw/380v-3/220v-3  
Weight: 180KG
Size: 1200*1000*1400mm
Vacuum Packing Machine(2 sets)
Power: 1.5kw/380v-3/220v-3   
Weight: 380kg
Size: 1200*700*900mm


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