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As a professional french fries fryer machine manufacturer, we want to provide the best quality automatic frying machine for our customers.Want to provide the most convenient way to producefrench fries for the operators.Our weekly meetings will bear in mind our tenet of Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co., LTD. -- to make food production simpler and safer.As a manufacturer, we publicize our french fries frying machine in various ways, so that customers can find us. An Indian customer comes to our website through our video on youtube, views the details of our products on the website, and leaves a message for us to know the quotation.We responded immediately after receiving the message.But the quotation is not single, it will change according to the different needs of customers.

french fries frying machine

During the conversation, the customer learned that he could visit our company. The customer also saw the photos of many customers visiting our company on our website, so he had the idea of coming to our company.After negotiation, the customer came to zhengzhou, Henan province, where our company is located.We met our customers at the airport. We first showed them around our company and explained the scale of our company to them.He showed the customer around our factory.Inside the factory, we demonstrated to the customer how the fries fryer machines worked.The customer is very satisfied.Our machine output can also meet the requirements of the customer. Now the customer wants to transform his factory from a small french fries production operator to a large french fries production operator, so he needs to buy large capacity automatic french fries frying machines to expand the production scale of his factory.

During the conversation, we asked the Indian customer about the French fries production process, and he told us his french fries production process is potato washing and peeling,french fries cutting,frying,deoiling,seasoning.Then we told the customer about our manufacturing process,we have more blanching and dehydration procedures in our french fries production process than our customers.French fries are blanched after cutting, which is beneficial to remove the powder on the surface of french fries, inhibit the mildew of French fries, prevent the browning of french fries, and reduce the frying time.The customer was impressed by this, so we demonstrated Indian customer the working principle of the blanching machine, and introduced the characteristics and advantages of the blanching machine to the customer in detail.Eventually, the customer decided to add blanching process to his french fries production process.A week later, the customer successfully made a payment to us and bought a french friesfrying machine and a blanching machine.

Indian customers who buy french fries frying machine

The features and advantages of our French Fries Frying Machine India:

1. Advanced bottom slag scraping system technology and circulating online filtration system, overcome the defect of conventional frying machine, automatic filtration, can keep fried oil clean, so that fried products are consistent, not only improve the product quality, extend the shelf life, but also bring higher added value for the products.

2.Advanced mechanical configuration and control, can always keep a good working state, not only improve the output but also can make the product quality stable, color, aroma, taste.

3. Machine continuous work to improve the unit work efficiency, effectively reduce the unit cost, labor expenditure and management expenditure is also very helpful.

french fries fryer machine

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