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Fried food is one of the traditional foods, whether it is fried tuna, fried spring rolls, croquettes, or fried dough sticks, oil cakes, noodles, and French fries in children's favorite snacks. Fried bread, fried chicken wings, and fried potato chips and fried biscuits in snacks are all fried foods.Fried food because of its crispy and delicious, delicious, can increase appetite, so loved by many adults and children.We Gelgoog Frying Machinery Company researched and developed such frying machines:automatic continuous frying machineautomatic frying production line, fully automatic round pot frying machine, multi-functional frying machine, net belt type frying machine and so on.We provide various models for you to choose, the machine output can be customized according to the different requirements of customers.

Applicable range of Automatic Fryer Machine:
1. Pasta:Twist, fried rice crust, honeyed food, sandao, deep-fried dough sticks, flax dough, rice gluten, sanzi, etc.
2. Meat:Braised chicken (colored), salted duck (colored), braised pork in brown sauce, meatballs, beef jerky, pork belly, chicken leg, pig trotter, etc.Nuts.
3.Nut:Peanuts, green beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds.
4. Soy products:Dried tofu, bubble beans, fish tofu, bean curd.5. Seafood:All kinds of fish, shrimp, scallop, sea red, small fish, squid rings, squid larvae.

continuous frying machine

The Features of Automatic Continuous Frying Machine:

1. A variety of heating methods can be selected: electromagnetic, electric, gas, fuel , coal burning.The machine can reduce emissions and  production costs.
2. The automatic online scraping function process realizes the side frying filter, automatically filters the frying oil, and the oil residue automatically recycles the outside of the pot, reduces the concentration of the frying oil, delays the oxidation rate of the frying oil, and prolongs the life cycle of the frying oil.
3. The automatic mixing system rotates at the same time as the rotation, and can choose a variety of mixing systems according to the product freely. The product floats when frying, and the bottom mixing system is different. The diversification meets the difference of fried products, so that the products are fried and colored. Uniform and beautiful.
4. The automatic feeding system avoids the workers from scalding the oil when the large density (fish, meat, soaked nuts, etc.) is put into the material.
5. Automatic discharge, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and ensure the uniformity of food frying time.
6. High safety performance: to ensure the safety of operators.

Where To Buy Automatic Fryer Machine:

Regarding the production of automatic fryer machine, we have a professional product development department. Our automatic frying machines make the production of fried foods more convenient and faster. The quality of fried foods is very high, and the foods produced are safer and more delicious. In the production process, the production efficiency is greatly improved and the labor cost is reduced. If you want to buy a continuous fryer, the Gelgoog Continuous Fryer will be your perfect choice.
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