How Much Is The Continuous Deep Fryer Machine Price ?

time:2019-01-17  Editor:Emily

Recently, many customers have called to inquire about the continuous deep fryer machine price. The price of the continuous deep fryer machine is not fixed. The price will change according to the quantity that the customer wants to produce and the heating method that the customer chooses.If you would like to know the price of continuous frying machine, please contact me.We will reduce the purchase cost of customers to the greatest extent according to their needs.
We can understand the customer's desire to know the price of the machine, and we also want to make a deal with the customer as soon as possible, but the price of the continuous frying machine is often affected by the following aspects:
1.The price of the machine varies with the output. The larger the output, the more materials and technologies the machine needs to consume, and the higher the price of the machine.We will match the machines according to the production needs of customers, and provide the most suitable machine solution for customers.
2.The material of the machine also affects the price.Our continuous deep fryer machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which is more in line with the international production standards,make food production simpler and safer.As we all know, high quality machines bring endless production profits, while low quality machines bring endless production troubles.Therefore, when we buy a machine, we should pay attention not only to the price of the machine, but also to the quality of the machine.
3.Different heating methods also affect the price of continuous deep frying machine.Our machine provides a variety of heating methods, respectively is electric heating, gas heating, coal heating and so on.When choosing heating method, we suggest that you choose according to the local actual situation, so that you can sell the most suitable machine for yourself, and also the most favorable price of the machine.
4.Production technology also affects the price of a contact frying machine.Our continuous frying machine absorbs the advanced frying technology at home and abroad and continuously improves the machine.The machine adopts advanced oil-water mixing technology, compared with the traditional frying machine, more energy saving, can save 50% oil, 40% water, extend the service life of oil.
continuous frying machine
Continuous deep frying machine is suitable for food factories, chain restaurants, McDonald's, KFC, snack shops, food processing plants, large supermarkets, can be used for frying french fries, potato chips, caramel snacks, green beans, broad beans, fish, shrimp, chicken, chicken wings, peanuts, apple slices, banana slices, jackfruit and so on.
We are a professional continuous deep frying machine manufacturer, our machine has a unique frying system: the use of double stainless steel screw mesh belt, that is, pressure mesh belt, feed mesh belt.Integrated control of frequency conversion motor, adjustable speed converter, adjustable space between upper and lower screen belt, can meet the processing requirements of different products.Pressure net belt can ensure that the product is in the internal cooking oil, scraper type discharge, discharge thoroughly.If you are interested in the machine,welcome to contact me.
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