How To Peel Sweet Potatoes Easy ?

time:2019-03-07  Editor:Emily

We all know that by artificially peeling sweet potatoes, not only is it inefficient, and it can't peel cleanly, it also wastes the flesh of sweet potatoes, and it consumes a lot of manpower and material resources.So how to peel sweet potato easy?Our sweet potato peeling machine can help ypu to solve the problem.

manual peeling sweet potato
  • Our sweet potato washing and peeling machine can realize the cleaning and peeling integration. It is characterized by clean peeling, water saving, large processing volume and short cleaning time. It can quickly clean and peel the root vegetables.
  • Our sweet potato washing and peeling machine is applicable to potato, carrot beet, taro, ginger, lotus root, fruit, etc. It is the ideal machinery for dehydrated vegetable factory, quick-frozen food factory, dehydrated vegetable processing, pickled vegetable processing, canned processing and fruit processing.
machine peeling sweet potato
Advantages of our Sweeet Potato Peeler Machine
  1. The machine is made of best SUS304 stainless steel, which conforms to the standard of food industry.
  2. The whole equipment adopts nine hair rollers, which can make the material fully contact with the hair rollers and get effective peeling or washing
  3. The machine has compact structure, high degree of automation, suitable for all kinds of processing scale enterprises.
  4. The brush can be disassembled quickly and the later maintenance is more convenient.
sweet potato peeler machine

How does our Seet Potato peeling Machine Work?

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