How Do Potato Peeling Machines Work ?

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We all want to know potato peeling machine working principle before we buy a potato peeler. So our customers came to our company to learn more about the working principle of the potato peeler and the detailed parameters of the potato washing and peeling machine.After making a deal with the customer, we held a sweepstakes and sent a small gift to the customer.

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Our potato peeling machine project is advanced,the potato washing and peeling mahcine has many advantages:

  • The potat washing and peeling machine has beautiful appearance, simple operation and large cleaning and peeling volume.
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, convenient cleaning, long service life, etc.
  • The brush roller material is processed by special process (rolled with nylon rope), durable, good wear resistance and will not damage the material.
  • The cabinet is made of high quality stainless steel, which is non-corrosive and hygienic.
  • The potato washing and peeling machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

potato washing and peeling machine

How Do Potato Peeling Machines Work ?

When the potatoes enter the potato washing and peeling machine, the rotating tray constantly flips the potatoes and rubs them off. Since the potatoes constantly collide with the friction on the wall of the barrel, the peeling efficiency is higher. At the same time, the ground skin is rinsed with a flushing pipe, and the water flows out through the sewage outlet.

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