French Fries Frying Machine|Automatic French Fries Fryer Equipment

Raw Material:French Fries,Fried Snacks
Capacity:50-200 KG/H
Applications: This kind of french fries frying machine is mainly used to makes fried food,such as french fries,potato chips,banana chips and so on.Also could used in frying line.
Advantages:Our automatic frying machines can produce large amount of top quality french fries with less use of energy.

The Introduction of Automatic French Fries Frying Machine

Automatic french fries frying machine refers to the equipment that uses food oil as the main raw material to fry the food.With fashionable style,reasonable structure,simple operation,fast heating speed,easy to clean,etc.This kind of automatic french fries frying machine is widely used in fast food shops, hotels, and catering establishments.

The Usage Scope of Commercial French Fries Fryer Equipment

Frying pans Frying equipment, western restaurant equipment, leisure food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, diesel oil burner frying pan Steam frying pans Heat oil type fryers.


The Features of Commercial French Fries Fryer Machine

(1) The advanced oil-water integrated technology overcomes the defects of the conventional frying machines and automatically filters them to keep the frying oil clean and keeps the frying products consistent. It not only improves product quality, but also extends the shelf life. A higher added value.
(2) Advanced mechanical configuration and control can always maintain a good working condition, not only improve the output but also make the product quality stable, color, smell and taste uniform.
(3) The automatic filtration of the machine can greatly prolong the service life of the frying oil without frequent oil changes. The oil consumed during the frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, and the fuel efficiency is not questionable.
(4) The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste to a greater extent and saves a lot of energy expenses.
(5) The realization of the continuous work of this machine has improved the working efficiency of the unit, effectively reduced the unit cost, and also extremely helped the labor expenditure and management expenditure.
(6) The use of this equipment can greatly improve product quality, reduce the costs incurred during the production process, and make your products more market competitive. The equipment adopts the oil-water mixing process and is equipped with a dynamic filtration system. During the working process, it automatically filters and discharges slag to ensure the purity of the fried oil. The energy can be directly heated by electricity, coal, and heat-conducting oil.


The production of our company commercial frying machine,have the beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, quality assurance, so that your product quality is also guaranteed, for your product processing to provide a perfect solution.Looking forward to your visit!

Technial Data
Model Dimension
Oil Capacity
GG1000 700*700*950 70 9 50
GG1200 1400*700*950 140 24 100
GG1500 1700*700*950 180 36 150
GG2000 2200*750*900 240 48 200

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