Automatic Stir Pani Puri Frying Machine With Mixing Blade For Sale

Raw Material: Flour
Capacity:100-300 kg/h
Applications: The machine is used to make pani puri from the dough.
Advantages:The automatic pani puri frying machine adopts the mixing method of revolution and rotation synchronization, which ensures the evenness of fried food and prevents food from sticking to each other due to extrusion. The mixing system uses frequency conversion to adjust speed.

Introduction of Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine:
This machine is used to fry pani puri from the dough.The machine can not only fry pani puri, but also fry French fries, potato chips, banana chips, peanuts, broad beans and so on.The output of the machine can be customized according to the needs of customers, 100kg/h,200 kg/h,300 kg/h and more.The machine has automatic discharging system, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, and has a moving mixing system, which can prevent the adhesion of food and ensure the evenness of frying.The temperature control system ensures the consistency of frying time and improves the product quality.

pani puri frying machine
Features of Pani Puri Frying Machine:
1. The equipment adopts the process of circulating water cooling, which is more safe to use.
2. The inner tank is insulated with aluminum silicate boardTemperature control adopts two-stage temperature control, which automatically opens when the temperature needs to be raised.
3. The discharging mode is driven by the speed reducer.
4. The blowdown valve (304 stainless steel) is located at the bottom of the equipment (funnel shape) to discharge slag thoroughly.
5. With ¢20 (304 stainless steel), a water valve, convenient for the customer in the process of using internal water replacement.
6. In the pot body position set a 25 ¢(304) stainless steel valve, convenient pot body oil change or emissions.
7. The distance between stirring blade and side net and bottom net is 200mm(can be changed), which can be rotated and frequency can be changed.
8. Equipped with sound alarm, when reaching the frying time, it will automatically turn on and use the frequency conversion regulator to adjust the speed of the stirring paddle.

automatic pani puri frying machine
Advantages of Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine:
Automatic stirring: The mixing method of synchronous rotation and  revolution is adopted to ensure the uniformity of product frying and prevent the products from sticking to each other due to extrusion. Products with different characteristics can adopt different mixing methods, while the products that are easy to float use the beat type stirring; the products that are easy to sink the bottom use the scraping type stirring.
Automatic temperature control: Effectively control the frying time of products. The frying time and temperature can be differently verified according to different materials, avoiding the phenomenon of inadvertently frying the product.
Automatic discharge: After the frying is finished, the machine fryer rises and automatically discharges the material, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers and ensures the consistency of the frying time.
Automatic filtration: This machine adopts the frying process of oil-water mixing. During the frying process, the residue generated in the food is automatically filtered into the water to keep the oil surface clean and prolong the service life of the oil. The fried products are brighter and more appetizing sense.

How does our Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine work?

Technial Data
Model GG-1000 GG-1200 GG-1500
Heating Type Electric Electric Electric
Rated Power 36kw 48kw 60kw
Capacity 100-150kg/hour 150-200kg/hour 200-300kg/hour
Overall Dimension 1300*1400*1800mm 1400*1400*1100mm 1700*1700*1100mm
Voltage 380v 380v 380v


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