How To Make A Banana Chips In Kannada?

time:2019-04-16  Editor:Emily

According to 2011 production statistics, India is the country that produces the most bananas, accounting for about 20% of the total production of 145 million metric tons. Do you know that a large part of India's high banana production is used to make banana chips? Banana chips are sold all over the world because of their high nutritional value. Of course, this also includes Kannada. Do you know how to make a banana chips in Kannada? Don't worry. Here I'll show you how to make banana chips in Kannada.But do you know how to make banana chips easily? Here I also recommend a banana chips processing line which can help you to produce tasty and nutritive banana chips in Kanada easily.

banana chips processing line

The introduction of banana chips processing line:

Banana peeling machine: The machine can quickly peel the banana without damaging the banana during peeling.Peeling efficiency is high, the working efficiency of one machine is greater than that of ten workers.

Banana chips cutting machine: The machine can cut banana slices into thin and even slices with good quality and smooth cut surface.The thickness of banana chips can be customized according to customers' needs.

Banana chips frying machine: The machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, and the residue produced during frying can be immersed in water to extend the service life of oil.

Banana chips deoiling machine: The machine can remove excess oil from fried banana chips,to enhance the taste of banana chips.Adopt the centrifugal principle, the operation is simple.

Banana chips seasoning machine: The machine can be used for seasoning of all kinds of food, the materials will not be damaged in the seasoning process, and it can mix the materials and seasoning evenly in a short time to complete the seasoning of food.

banana chips production line

The banana chips processing line working video:

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