What's the Difference of Banana and Plantain?

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What's the difference between plantains and bananas?

Their cooking uses are very different
The main difference between bananas and plantains is how they are used in the kitchen, although in some cultures there is no clear language difference between the two.Plantains are sometimes referred to as "cooking bananas", while sweeter varieties are classified as "dessert bananas."
Cooking with bananas
Because they are very sweet, bananas are often used in cooked desserts and baked goods, including pies, muffins and quick bread.They are also raw for themselves, as part of a fruit salad, or as a dessert or porridge topping. They can even be dipped in chocolate or spread on toast with nut butter.

Cooking With Plantains
Plantains are more common in Latin, Caribbean and African cuisines. They are starchy and tough when raw, with a much thicker skin than bananas.Plantains are more similar to a vegetable than a fruit in terms of culinary applications. Because they have less sugar than bananas, they are used more frequently as a savory side dish or part of an entrée.Like bananas, they start green and progress to a dark brown-black color as they ripen. The darker they are, the sweeter they’ll be. Plantains can be eaten at any stage of the ripening process, but you’ll need a knife to peel them.
Green and yellow plantains are often sliced, fried and eaten as a fritter called tostones, a popular dish in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. If sliced very thinly before frying, they can be eaten more like chips.Another common dish from these regions is known as maduros. Maduros are a sweeter take on plantains in which very ripe, dark plantains are fried or baked in oil until the outside caramelizes.

What is the best way to cook bananas?

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