Where To Buy Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine?

time:2019-04-01  Editor:Emily

Don't know where to buy autimatic pani puri frying machine yet?After reading this article, you will know.Henan Gelgoog Frying Machinery Company is automatic frying machine manufacturers,they have years of experience in making automatic pani puri frying machine.Their pani puri frying machine automation degree is high,efficiency and output is high is high,and is safe, convenient and hygienic to use.The pani puri frying machine produced by Gelggog Frying Machinery Company is an ideal equipment for all kinds of fried food processing enterprises.

pani puri frying machine

Why choose the Pani Puri Frying Machine from Gelgoog Machinery Company?

  • The main body of the automatic pani puri frying machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP/HACCP certification.
  • According to the different characteristics of Fried food, free control of frying temperature and time.
  • The food produced by this pani puri frying machine has good smoothness, bright color, good taste, obvious improvement of product quality, and solves the problem of over-acidification of Fried food.
  • The oil tank adopts heat preservation technology, which not only saves energy, but also improves work efficiency and reduces unit cost.
automatic pani puri frying machine

How does the Pani Puri Frying Machine keep the oil clean?

The machine has a unique slag discharge system, and adopts advanced oil-water mixed frying technology, due to the different density of oil and water, oil in the upper layer, water in the lower layer.The residue from the frying process will fall into the underlying water and be discharged with the water to keep the oil clean.

How does the Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine work?

Henana Gelgoog Frying Machinery Company is specialized in pani puri frying machine,if you want to know more about the pani puri frying machine,please contact to emily.

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