Chin Chin Cutting Machine Sold To India

time:2019-01-17  Editor:Emily

Last week, our company's account manager successfully sold chin chin cutting machine to an Indian customer. When communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer had a supermarket chain selling chin chin in India.

Chin chin is a famous Fried snack in India.It is similar to the Scandinavian snack klenat, a crunchy doughnut-shaped dough baked or fried with wheat flour.Chin chin may contain cowpeas, which many people bake with nutmeg to taste. The chin is made of dough containing flour, sugar, butter and milk.Optional ingredients include eggs, nutmeg and baking powder, depending on your preference.Dough is cut into various shapes and sizes. It is usually kneaded and cut into small one-inch squares, about a quarter of an inch thick, and Fried.

fried chin chin

Our chin chin cutting  machine used for pressing and cutting paste to small pieces, the thickness and size of finished product can be adjust. Chin chin cutting machine is an essential procedure for the production of chin chin. Chin chin cutting machine can cut different kinds of shapes, such as triangle, rectangle, hexagon and so on. We can customize the cutting shape according to the the customer needs. 

chin chin cutting machine

First, simply shape the dough, then roll it into a mold cutter. Finally, the mold cutter can cut the dough into some shapes.This produces the same length, width, and thickness of the products is uniform,and it is better than the manual products. What's more, the dough will not stick to the knife, is well formed, and there will be no waste.In addition, the cutter can be customized according to the needs of customers.The machine design is simple, maintenance is convenient, a labor can operate.

The video of chin chin cutting machine

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