Fully Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine Price In Pakistan

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Do you want to know potato chips making machine price in Pakistan?If yes,I guess you want to run or are running a potato chips business.Do you want to know how to make potato chips before you know the potato chips making machine price in Pakistan? Our potato chips production line provides the most reasonable price and the most delicious potato chip production process.

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Do you know how to reduce the potato chips production cost in Pakistan?
  • Choose right material: In order to produce high-quality potato chips, improve product output and reduce costs, it is particularly important to choose fresh potatoes that meet technical requirements.In general, potato tubers to be neat, uniform size, high starch and dry matter content, low sugar content.Reducing sugar content should be less than 1%.
  • Because reducing sugar and amino acid together produce black pigment protein, VC oxidative discoloration, tannin substance Browning, sliced potato should be soaked in water to wash, cut off oxygen, avoid exposure to air, oxidative discoloration, will affect the color of the final product. If the product turns black, it will have to be remanufactured, so if you want to reduce the production cost, you must pay attention to this process.
  • Pay attention to blanch: In addition, blanching can remove free starch from the surface of potatoes.Color protection is the potato chips in 80 ~ 100 ℃ hot water blanch 1 ~ 2 minutes, can inhibit enzyme activity and soften its organizational structure, to make it easy to dehydration.It also removes air from potato tissue and prevents blisters from forming on the surface.Blanching helps reduce frying time and oil usage, thus reducing production costs.
  • Setting proper frying time and temperature:The frying process is the most important step in the production of potato chips.It plays a decisive role in color, oil content and water content.Frying temperature and frying time are directly related to dry matter content, chip thickness and blanching degree.Through a large number of experiments, we found that low temperature frying makes frying time longer, water loss slower, oil content increased.It is best to fry high temperature and short time, but the temperature shall not exceed 200 ℃.Therefore, setting proper frying time and temperature is conducive to reducing oil consumption, improving product quality and reducing production cost.
Production process of potato chips:
  1. Material selection: Choose fresh potatoes with high dry matter content, pure varieties, shallow eyes, regular shape, no mildew, germination, insect pests and other phenomena.
  2. Washing and peeling: Use potato washing and peeling machine to remove dirt, sand and other sundries.Feeding 30~40kg each time, peeling time is determined by the freshness of the material, generally 3~8min.Do not peel for too long or the potatoes will be over-peeled.
  3. Potato slice: Feed the raw material into the potato cutting machine at a constant speed with a thickness of 1~2mm.
  4. Blanching: potato chip blanching machine.Potato chips should be soaked in water bleach, to prevent Browning in the air, and wash away the free starch surface, avoid starch dissolved in oil, shorten the life of frying oil.
  5. Potato chip dehydration: Remove the surface water, avoid increasing the frying time, increase the oil content of the finished product.
  6. Frying: Potato chips should be put into the oil at a constant rate.The temperature of the oil should be in 180 ~ 200 ℃.The chips should pass through the frying pan in 2 minutes.Palm oil is usually used in this process.
  7. Potato chip degreaser: After frying, remove the oil from the surface with a degreaser to extend the shelf life of the product.
  8. Potato chip seasoning: After being seasoned by the seasoning machine, potato chips of different flavors are made.
Potato chips making machine working video:

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