Which Machine Is Good For Frying French Fries

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Continuous French fries frying machine is one of the most important processes in the French fries production line, it can be said that the quality of frying determines the quality of French fries production to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of french fries, we need the high-quality french fries deep fryer for frying french fries.

Which machine is good for french fries frying machine?

We Henan Gelgoog Machinery Company are engaged in researching and developing french fries frying machine for many years. As for the production of French fries, we have a professional production machine for fries. Our machine makes the production of French fries more convenient and fast. And the quality of French fries produced is very high, and the food produced is safer and more delicious . In the production process, the production efficiency is greatly improved and the labor cost is reduced.If you want to buy french freis production machine, Gelgoog French fries production machine will be your perfect choice.

Now,I would like to introduce the french fries frying machine in detail.

The features of pani puri frying machine:

1. Machine construction in stainless steel.

2. Double stainless steel net belt.

3. The frying time and temperature can be adjusted.

4. It can filtering the dregs automatically while working.

5. The belt can lift out of the fryer to wash conviently.

6. All the mark and operating instructions can be customized for your language.

french fries frying machine

The advantages of pani puri frying machine:

1. This automatic pani puri frying machine is water-oil fried mixed equipment, it adopts the most advanced international oil mixed principle. The oil is used for fry food on the top, and the waster accept sinking residues at the bottom, so that oil will not become black.

2. This machine is smoke-free type, good for the environment.

3. It can be used for frying pani puri,chicken, potato chips, donuts, snacks and so on.

4. This machine have gas heating and electric heating type,etc.You can choose the heating method that suits you best.

5.Adopt double layers mesh belt to convey the materials, the foods are sandwiched between two belts, avoiding the floating of foods and making the frying more uniform.

french fries deep fryer

Now French fries are loved by more and more people. In order to meet the needs of the public, French fries frying machine is produced. In addition to the French fries frying machine, a whole French fries production line is also developed by Gelgoog Machinery Company.It includes frying machine,deoiling machine and air drying machine. If you have any questions about our machine,do not hestitate to contact me.
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